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Online flower delivery with the # 1 Online Florist in India

Missing someone close to your Heart on any special occasion like a birthday, wedding anniversary, or another event is common for those living away from them. Withlovenregards help you to celebrate your special moments by delivering fresh flowers and gifts to your loved ones.
Withlovenregards is a leading name in flower delivery in India, our presence in pan India helps you to celebrate any occasion with flowers and gifts. Express your love and affection to them on any particular day by ensuring fresh flower delivery nationwide.
Whenever you place an order flower bouquet or a beautiful flower arrangement of exotic flowers. The emotional connection and surprise element play a significant role in flower and gift delivery. Hence we strive hard to deliver it with love and care. Fresh flowers of your choice, handpicked by our florist, are delivered to your desired address anywhere in India.

Many reason for choosing Withlovenregards for Online flower delivery?

Many florists are available online, but in service and product, no one can match our service and quality. Our Prompt and timely service differentiates us from others, there are many reasons you should choose Withlovenregards :

On-Time Delivery: We understand your order's value and today's lifestyle; every minute counts. Who doesn't not like surprises? to keep the momentum happy and joyous, we always take high precautions and deliver timely to your doorstep.

Quality: Our expert florist selects each flower and is handpicked from different farms. The freshest flowers reach customers fresh and aromatic, which you can see in every flower bouquet we deliver.

Variety of flowers: We have collection of all flowers from roses to carnation, lilies daisies, orchids – huge varieties of flowers available on our website with gorgeous design and arrangements. Our expert florist will decorate every flower bouquet according to need and occasion.

Ease of Payment: We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards of India. All UPI and wallets are available in our payment gateway, you can pay by OR code of Gpay, Phonepay and Paytm.

We accept all International Credit and Debit Card.

Wide Network: Our pan India presence with our partner’s network makes easier for swift delivery of flowers and gifts in majors parts of India.

Exciting offers: We value our esteemed customers, for new and existing customers we always offer discounts on all majors occasion.

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Surprise your love one’s with our same day flower delivery in 3 hours

There is always an special occasion in everyone’s life either birthday or anniversary or it could be any moment. Our same day delivery guarantees you of delivery of flowers on the given address in 3 hours.

Sending online flowers from Withlovenregards are easy and our presence in 150+ cities in India. It has become a known name in online flower delivery in the last six years, with a strong network of florist partners in pan India. Our same-day delivery service ensures that your flowers reach your doorstep or the office on time, as we understand the importance of delivering the flowers at the right time. We are committed to delivering fresh flowers and gifts whenever you order flowers online or in flower arrangements. Withlovenregards has florist partners in every major city in India.

Choose our online flower delivery for same day anywhere in India.

Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and many more places….

Celebrate all occasion with our Gorgeous flower bouquet from Withlovenregards

Withlovenregards has been one of India's largest online florist chains for over a decade. When you think of flowers or some beautiful flower arrangements of beautiful red roses, we have all the latest collections of fresh cut flowers available in a vase or basket arrangement in a wide variety of colourful flowers and designs which suits your requirement. Withlovenregards has gone beyond online florist without a sweet tooth; any celebration is incomplete. Withlovenregards is adding a sweet tooth to every celebration from our online cake delivery and catering beyond the floral needs.
Gifts are a significant element of Valentine's Day. Without gifts, it can ruin the whole plan. Gifts are those small packets of pleasure that enhance the mood immediately. It's the icing on the cake; cake is a show without icing. So before meeting your valentine, always buy a gift. A little drop of happiness can bring her an ocean of joy. Also, it would help if you took along flowers as a flower brightens people. The beauty, fragrance with those delicate petals. It can not only be gifts, but they can be the decorations.
The delicacy of the flowers can light up your ambience. Mother is a blessing from God. The river that flows and keeps you alive every moment. Mother, the wall you can lean on when you are in trouble, the pillow you can fall over when alone, she would comfort you like no one can ever do. She loves you from the moment you don't even know your existence, but she feels you with every breath she takes. To such an angel, we owe our lives. The least we could do to pay our respect is celebrate her existence in our lives by celebrating Mother's Day

Make every moment memorable with our gorgeous flowers from Withlovenregards.com.

Everyone has a special occasion, and it's worth living it, and we always wait eagerly for some celebrations. Special day means unique gifts and something special for them; what could be better than a gorgeous flower bouquet that conveys love, affection, admiration and care. Choose from our wide array of flowers for all occasions:

Anniversary flowers: It is one of the unforgettable days in a couple's life; because of this day, they are united forever. You can choose red roses, mixed roses or a bouquet of Pink Lilies, which sound heavenly. You can choose Anniversary flowers and chocolates, anniversary flowers and cakes and many more options.

Birthday Flowers: Birthdays are the biggest celebration of a special day. Have a look at our beautiful and elegant birthday bouquets and place an order on our website. Birthday roses, orchids, carnation or lilies bouquet will perfectly convey your message and sentiments to the birthday boy or girl. Check our Birthday combos the combinations with Flowers and cakes, Birthday Flowers and Chocolates as well as special Birthday Flowers and Cakes to bring more joy to the celebration.

Congratulation Flowers: For occasions such as your sibling's graduation father's new venture, the promotion of a friend, etc. you can select our bouquet of congratulations and enjoy the occasion.

Get Well Soon Flowers: Visiting a person who is not well is always a painful experience. However, you can give them some freshness by sending "get back to health soon" flowers, as they possess healing properties that improve the mood for the individual.

I Am Sorry Flowers: There are mistakes to be made and it's best to admit the mistakes and take a step forward. If you discover that you've made a mistake wrong, show your appreciation with a sweet gesture of sending "I I am Sorry" flower arrangements to the person you love. It's not going to solve the problem but can spark the conversation.

Love & Affection Flowers: Love is the most gorgeous and sacred emotion in the world. It brings joy to your heart and happiness. Just feeling love isn't enough, it is equally crucial to show love. In this regard, this is why we have brought you the most heart-warming "love and affection" flower bouquets that will make your day peaceful certain.

Thank You Flowers: There are many people that deserve a heartfelt "thank you". A friend or a relative who has just put on a wonderful party, the colleague who helped you avoid an embarrassing mistake during the board meeting, your spouse who is always sure to bring you your favorite delicacy, etc. If not every time, occasionally sending a "thank you" flower arrangement is an excellent idea to keep the respect and love living within your relationships.

New Born Flowers: The arrival of a baby fills the home with joy and laughter. Congratulate the new parents and the family with our impressive new born flowers.

Withlovenregards offers the most comprehensive range of flowers online.

Flowers are incredible gift anyone can have; every flower has a deep meaning and symbolizes many things in our lives. It is effortless to convey messages through flowers. You can choose a wide range of flowers from us to convey your message to your loved one ;

Roses:Rose is one of the loved flower with a history of more than five thousand years. It is never able to escape the heart. Roses are a symbol of affection, respect, love beauty, wisdom harmony, sensuality and love. For special occasions such as an anniversary, birthday as well as Valentine's Day, roses are the most popular choice for people.

Carnation:The carnation flower symbolizes Love, Captivation and Distinction and today, it's no wonder that it's so widely used, pink carnation is the symbol of mothers day, ancient tradition say it grew from Virgin Mary’s tears.

Lilies:The name lily comes from the Latin word for this type of flower, “lilium." Lilies have long been associated with love, devotion, purity and fertility. The sweet and innocent beauty of the flower has ensured it remains tied to the ideas of fresh new life and rebirth. You can various colours in lilies Pink Oriental, White and yellow are famous for housewarming gift.

Orchids:Orchids has long history of association with love, royalty, charm, fertility and elegance throughout various cultures and time periods, orchids are popular in arrangements and bouquets.

Mixed Flower bouquet:For any celebration, You can choose a stunning and beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers. there are orchids, roses, carnations, gerbera daisies, and more in various colours. Arrangements and bouquets of mixed flowers represent the spirit of adventure, fun as well as faith, and promises.

Birthday Cakes

Anniversaries and Birthday is part of our life, and celebration on these occasions is a must, whether its a spouse or a parent, you can make the day memorable with our Birthday flowers and anniversary gifts. We surprise them on their Birthday or anniversaries.

In how many cities does Withlovenregards deliver flowers?

You can send flowers online to 150+ cities in India with same-day delivery of bouquets and cakes.

Same day delivery of flowers is Possible ?

We try to cater for every city in India, and same-day delivery is available in selected cities.

How do I know that I placed my order correctly?

After placing the order, you will get the confirmation mail and SMS from our side once the order successfully placed. You will get all the details of your order.

What are the modes of payments?
We provide a highly convenient payment gateway interface, though, which you can make payments by Net Banking, Debit cards,Credit Cards, Paytm, and all other wallets. For international customers, we have Paypal from which they can make payments by Credits and Debit Cards of their respective countries.

Do you charge extra for delivery at Midnight or for fixed time?

Yes, we charge extra for Midnight and fixed-time delivery, which is mentioned on our website while you book orders. Our standard delivery is free of cost. The prices mentioned include our delivery charges. (Standard delivery timings 9 am – 7 pm); if there is any special requirement or urgency, you can reach us on 9823520255.

How is the quality of flowers and cakes?

We make sure every flower and cake we deliver is fresh and best in quality. Providing quality is our motto, and customer satisfaction and value for money is our prime goal, ensuring every product delivered with care.

As Expressions Matter India best online florist

WITHLOVENREGARDS the name itself is a definition of commitment to feel affection for the beloved. WITHLOVENREGARDS is tantamount to transforming your celebrated moments of unforgettable heart-melting. Through our ensemble of freshly singled-out Flowers Bouquet, Lusciously Yummy birthday cakes, Handcrafted Chocolates, and Heart melting Gifts, your expression is destined to surpass expectations.