Your Wishes & Thoughts - Gift-wrapped and delivered by us!

We bring to the entire process a personal touch that ensures that the recipient experiences the love and regards with which it has been sent.

Vendors of our products are chosen strictly on the basis of the level of service and the personal touch that they can add to the entire experience and hence all the products we offer - flowers, bouquets, thoughtful gifts, personalized gifts, bespoke chocolates & cakes and an entire range of novelty items are all about creating wonderful memories.

Our expertise lies in selecting the choicest flowers, designing them into artful & innovative works of art that have an expression of their own; combining them with exclusive combinations of chocolates, cakes or thoughtful novel gift items to create an expression that suits the occasion and conveys the message in the most memorable way to near and dear ones.

We create thoughtful expressions for every occasion and take pride in every creation of ours - as they serve the purpose of cementing & building relationships that last lifetimes!

With Love N Regards is a visionary concept crafted masterfully by our Promoters, who leads a team of enterprising, enthusiastic, creative youngsters who are passionate about the goal of ensuring that every experience with "love n regards" is memorable in the deepest and truest sense. So with Love N Regards you are assured of a world class experience.


  • Nationwide Network
  • Innovative products for every occasion
  • Team of diligent and creative professionals
  • Quality products at guaranteed low prices
  • On-time order deliveries every time
  • Achieve 100% client satisfaction through flawless service
  • Ensure customer delight in each and every order


With Love n Regards raison d etre is relationships - be it laying the foundations of it; be it cementing it; be it developing it or celebrating it - we are there for every occasion & every relationship.


With Love n Regards delivers exquisite experiences through novel gifting expressions that enhance & make memorable every occasion.

We will deliver every experience with the highest quality; on time; every time.