24 May, 2022

7 indoor natural air purifiers to help stay toxin free and fresh

Indoor air purification is something we all want in our homes, mostly because they ensure that we are not prone to allergies and any form of respiratory distress as well as to ensure that the air we breathe in is pollution-free and non-hazardous. For most plant lovers, this isn’t a big issue, because they tend to keep their indoor filled with plants which ensure fresh air at all times. However, for those of us who have a really hard time understanding how to not splurge a huge deal on an air-purifier, it can be a little daunting. Thus, to put all your worries and confusions to rest, given below is a list of air-purifying indoor plants, which will not just do the work of an air purifier, but also make sure that your abode looks beautiful while doing so.

  • Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is a common household plant which helps you reduce every form of toxins which may be at home. It has a bright greenish-white colour with really long leaves, thereby ensuring that your house looks pretty while remaining fresh. You can grow them in pots or hanging baskets, as is suitable to you. As for the clumsy one, who forgets to look after their plants, this is one plant which will be harder to kill than to keep alive, because it is a well-known fact that the Devil’s Ivy philodendron is really sturdy and manages to outlive lots of hardships!

The Devil’s Ivy helps to remove toxins such as – benzene, formaldehyde and xylene.

The Peace Lily is one an easily available plant. The plan doesn’t require exorbitant care or looking after, thereby being perfect for a home where you are always busy with work or other engagements. They only require watering once a week and an occasional slow fertilizer during spring, which will ensure the growth of beautiful small white flowers. The glossy green leaves of the plant ensure brightness wherever it is kept, not to forget that provides fresh air and keeps your surroundings well purified and toxin-free.

The Peace Lily helps to remove toxins such as – carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and xylene.

  • Areca Palms

Areca Palms are suitable for big homes and/or spacious flats. They are ideal for removing toxins and don’t cause any allergic reaction to dogs or cats. Their method of care during summer requires watering at least twice to thrice a week, and in winter, once a week. They look beautiful wherever they are kept, ensuring brightness and warmth while eliminating all toxins in and around it.

The Areca Palm helps to get rid of toxins such as – carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene.

  • Aloe Vera

One of the most common house plants is Aloe Vera. It has numerous uses, other than being a very effective air-purifying plant. It is also a very good anti-inflammatory agent. The only way to understand whether it’s taking in harmful toxins within it is to notice small brown spots on the leaves which indicate that the amount of harmful toxins is in extreme.

The Aloe Vera plant helps to get rid of – formaldehyde.

  • Philodendron

The Philodendron has a unique heart-shaped leaf to its name. They are very easy to care for, requiring very little sunlight and a moderate amount of water.

The Philodendron helps to get rid of formaldehyde.

  • Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is named so because of its leaves which give out a rubbery feel to it. The plant originates in India, and are very sturdy, requiring an adequate amount of sunlight and water twice a week in summer, every fifteen days in winter. They are perfect for small pots, ideal for indoors.
The Rubber Plant helps to reduce xylene, benzene and formaldehyde.

  • Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums help to not just purify the air but also helps your home look pretty and attractive. They take a little extra effort to grow and look after, but then once done, the hard work pays off really well. The plant enjoys a decent air-flow and indirect sunlight. The only requirement it has is that it needs to be watered with warm water only while making sure that it is completely dry in between rounds of drinks.

The Chrysanthemum plant helps to get rid of ammonia, benzene, xylene and formaldehyde.