26 January, 2022

All You Need To Know About the Beauty of Roses.

Along with the unmatchable beauty of, roses are also the most versatile flowers. I bet you cannot name one single occasion where roses will be unsuitable. This makes it clear why roses are one of the most popular species of flowers all over the world.

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From being presented in beautiful, tall vases in your drawing room to being a key ingredient for perfume, the topic of artworks spanning all periods of history”, roses have been glorified from a flower to an iconic part of human norms. Let’s look below to get acquainted with the significance of roses in history, fun facts about them, and care tips!

History of Roses


Not only the appearance of the flower, but the history of roses is also quite colourful. There is proof that roses have been growing naturally for over 35 million years! However, the cultivation of roses did not occur until about 5000 years back. They started to be used not only as home decor, but they were also used as medicines, to create perfumes, and the petals of roses were even used as confetti for festivals.

In the fifteenth century, there was even a war was fought named the “The War of The Roses”. The “War Of The Roses,” as it is now famously known, was fought between two hostile troops in England, with white roses representing York, while red roses were the symbol of the Lancaster army.

The fame of the rose did not dwindle any time in history. The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte began collecting them at their estate in France. This garden motivated Pierre Joseph Redoute’s botanical artwork named “Les Rose”. Today, we grow roses in our balconies and gardens, give as gifts to express different relationships, feelings, obviously keep in vases to bring freshness to our homes.

What Roses Symbolize

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There are many varieties of colours and types of roses available worldwide, each with their own message. Classic red roses represent romance, while pink roses are better for the sweet bond of friendship. White Roses are normally considered to portray purity and respect,, while orange Roses just portray the passion and desire.

Weird facts about Roses

  • More than 100 species of roses are there
  • During the 1600s, one use of roses by the royalty was that it was a form of currency
  • Ancient Egyptians considered roses to be divine
  • A man named Robert Bendel is famed for having the tallest rose bush, at a record 18 feet 8 inches high. (Information Source – Guinness Book Of World Record)