26 January, 2022


As youngsters, we would eagerly wait for that one day of the year – our birthday. But as we grow old, as the responsibilities increases when we grow older, and we hardly find time to rejoice and celebrate. Amidst the regular busy work schedules and daily hustle bustle of life that keeps us busy and pre-occupied.

History of Birthday Cakes

It is all believed that German was first to made the birthday cake in the middle ages, celebrating the children’s birthday with cakes also known as kinderfest.

Birthdays always call for celebrations. I believe birthday celebrations are a temporary get away from one’s mundane and monotonous busy schedule. Besides, this day comes once every year. Celebrations don’t necessarily have to be huge or burn a hole in your pocket. Everyone has their own perception of how they want their day to be, which could include a wide range of flurry activities, from something as modest as a dinner at their favourite eatery or a movie date or a simple cake cutting with their loved ones, to spending a day ticking off things from your adventurous bucket list or even visiting a theme park.

Planning a fun-packed day with visits to your favorite places, eateries, museums, road trips, small getaways, drives, etc. along with your friends could be a perfect way to make your day memorable. Having a meal at your favorite eatery, visiting the places you love, doing things you enjoy, or it could be a surprise get together getaway weekend party. What could be better than a weekend getaway with your loved ones?

Visiting a local park or an orchard or a botanical garden for a picnic with your friends, after grabbing brunch at your favorite restaurant will sound perfect if you enjoy nature and do not prefer fancy expensive rendezvoused. Why don’t you try cycling to add a tinge of adventure to your day? Simply sitting on a bench to enjoy the sunset in the evening, amidst birds chirping and enjoying the company, would be the perfect way to put an end to your special day. What could be better than cutting your birthday cake with an amazing scenic beauty?

There are abundant things that you can do as long as you enjoy it. If you are an introvert who would love to spend a day with yourself, then modest things like watching plays and dramas that you have always wanted to watch could be just as ideal, whether it is a major production or simply at your local community. Ending the day with treating yourself at your favorite coffee shop could be just as fun-packed.

If you enjoy doing exciting things, then going to a karaoke night at your favorite bar in town with your friends could be exemplary. Singing your favorite songs at the karaoke night would most definitely enhance the evening. If you’re too shy for that, you could sit and spend the evening critiquing everyone else like you’re the judge of some singing reality show. It would add a fun element, won’t it? Besides, a good company is most likely to make your day memorable and enjoyable!

A candlelight dinner, stargazing along with soothing music and the view of the city, at a rooftop restaurant would be as exquisite to celebrate your birthday. Oh boy, what a beautiful sight it would be to cut your birthday cake with a view of the city. If you enjoy adventures, then a visit to the theme park with your group of friends or even a yacht party sounds equally exciting.

To make your day memorable, you don’t always have to head outdoors. If being goofy is your thing, then a house party would be just as ideal. You are transforming your living room, decorating it with lamps, lightly scented candles, fresh flowers, boxes of strawberries, chocolates, balloons, and your favorite wine. Binge-watching your favorite show or watching sports matches if you’re avid fans, cheering for your favorite team or play video games together or have a jam session with your friends. You could spend the evening doing anything that all of you would enjoy and call it a day. How idyllic would it be to have your friends bake a special birthday cake for you? You would love watching them maneuver around the kitchen cooking your favorite dish. Enthralling and indelible.

There are prolific things that one can do to have a memorable birthday celebration – attending the ideal sports match, long drives to far off places, attending street festivals, attending concerts of your favorite bands and singers, a sunset picnic, stargazing at a planetarium, exploring new places and surprise getaways.

Even the smallest of celebrations have emotions and efforts entangled and wrapped around them. As it is conspicuous, there exist ample things that make your day unique and create a fond memory. But what truly makes it memorable is the quality time and that has been spent with your near and dear ones which is so pure, in doing simple modest things that hold so much value.