26 January, 2022


Surprise — as most of us define it to be a “brief state of startled reaction as a result of an unexpected event.”

As youngsters, we would eagerly wait for that one day of the year – our birthday. But as we grow old, with the coming years and the increasing responsibility that we shoulder, we often lack or are unable to find the time to rejoice and celebrate our birthdays amidst the diurnal busy work schedules and daily hustle bustle of life that keeps us busy and preoccupied. 

Planning couthy, captivating and congenial surprises for your loved ones on their birthday will not only make their day momentous but also add on to making it special a few notches higher as compared otherwise. Birthday celebrations are a temporary get away from one’s mundane and monotonous busy schedule, and surprises are the cherry on the cake.

A surprise shows forethought and the extra attention that has been given to ones denied desires that they refuse to acknowledge but secretly retain. A pleasant surprise is most likely to jolt a person, by altering their mood and mindset from the accustomed to a merry one. When you plan surprise gifts or gestures they least expect, in an unanticipated way, it makes their heart content.

Surprises on the birthday of your loved ones make their day remarkable and also creates a fond memory. Organizing, arranging and planning surprises for your loved ones on their birthday, that could include things or gifts they least expect, in the most unexpected manner gives them great joy. It is a display of the love, care, affection, attention, warmth and time that has been invested by you, in planning something extraordinary and prodigious, going out of your way, for someone you love.

Surprises don’t always have to be a large scale that burns a hole in your pocket. Small gestures, tokens, and presents are enough to make your loved ones exultant. It not only strengthens the bond your share but also rejuvenates your relationship.

Surprise gifts are the best resort to enliven one’s spirit. On the birthday of your loved ones, the best surprise you can plan for them is a fun-packed day with visits to their favourite places, eateries, museums, road trips, small getaways, drives, etc. along with the little gifts that they would love without their knowledge of what they are to receive next. Having a meal at their favourite eatery, visiting the places they love, doing things they enjoy, planning a surprise meal, or it could be a surprise get together party; even the smallest gesture by a loved one is noteworthy. Decorating their usual place with flowers that they love, balloons and other decoratives and the gifts could include bouquets of their favourite flower which could be roses or lilies or orchids, handmade cards that display the warmth, efforts and time that has been put in, colourful balloons, teddy bears with warm wishes and messages, or a moreish cake of their favourite flavour which would be a delight to their taste buds.

If you are unfortunate to be away on their birthday and hence your inability to spend and give company to your loved ones on their special day is hapless, but the distance does not impede the surprises you have planned or you wish to plan for them on their special day. In spite of being miles away, you can send them various gifts and other small tokens of appreciation at their doorstep.  Nothing can be better than waking up to the gifts you send them on their birthday, since it would be extremely gleeful for them. Anything they would love, which could include a bouquet of their favourite flower, various gifts including cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, their favourite delicacies, small token gifts including customised keychains, teddy bears, photo frames, balloons, handwritten letters, nicely decorated cards and other such various gift hampers, that would make them immensely euphoric for the extra mile you went, to make their day special.

Surprises aren’t ordinary or quotidian or wonted. Pleasant surprises often create memories for a lifetime, that one would look back at, with a happy heart. Even the smallest of presents have emotions and efforts entangled and wrapped around them. Hence it holds special value, for the sender as well as for the receiver. Therefore, surprises of any kind are an exchange and heavy display of various emotions, making it a two-way process.