6 July, 2022

Best flowers and messages for your favourite teacher……

When you walk into a garden, what do you see? Flowers that come in various colors, flowers that attract you with their scent, and last but not the least flowers that come in all different shapes and sizes. When I walk into a classroom, I see a garden of flowers, but instead of flowers, there are students everywhere. While everyone I know is cursing the Pandemic I believe it has taught us all valuable lessons in life.

teacher day

Being a parent myself, the most important lesson I’ve learned to acknowledge is teachers’ importance. Everywhere across the world, people realize the importance of a teacher in their child’s life. You see videos of parents crying sincerely and profusely to the camera about how they cannot deal with their child one more day. Watching these videos does make me giggle as I am an educator myself, and even though I can teach my sons, I do want to escape and run away. Forget about the reopening of malls and all. Can you even imagine a world without teachers?

In my mind, teachers are real magicians of the world. They are the ones who can weave magic into a child’s life. They can change a child’s perspective on various topics by involving them and immersing them in real-life experiences. Give a teacher 45 minutes, and you can see the magic unfold for itself. Watching a child’s eyes light up as it understands a concept in science, math, or social studies is the most fulfilling experience of all times. Now multiply that by the 30 children in a class.

You have to experience it to feel it. It’s a feeling one cannot describe in words. Wanting to experience that every single day is what makes me want to go back to school every single day. Believe it or not, COVID has affected teachers worldwide.  In this Pandemic, it is the teachers who are having emotional meltdowns not being able to be with their students. We, teachers, are wired to be with students day in and day out. Teachers are not just teachers; mind you. They are the best entertainer you can ever find. A teacher has the skill toolset to keep a child entertained day in and day out without knowing how much he has learned. That is why parents see teachers as magicians.

Teachers are people in your life who inspire you and forever leave a mark. We all have that one teacher in our life whom we continuously think of, right? They would have helped you at some point in a junction in your life when you needed help. I believe I can say this on behalf of many people that we all have that one teacher in our life who would have seen us for who we are. A teacher who saw the potential we had hidden is us before even we had discovered ourselves.

As an educator myself, I see myself telling my students precisely what they can and the potential I see in them. Teachers usually are, without a doubt, one of the most influential role models for almost everyone who went to school. They are not just responsible for academic enrichment but also are responsible for being the person who shaped their personality. Teachers, especially in high schools and colleges forge strong relationships with their student’s life, teaching them not just to pass standardized tests and all but also essential life lessons that will help them in the future.

What makes the teaching profession so unique? Why do we often hear people say, oh! It’s a noble profession. For the longest time as a child, I wondered what was so noble about it? They get paid to be a teacher, don’t they? Why is it not treated like any other profession?

I’ve been a teacher for 24 years now, and next year will be celebrating my 25th year in education. A profession I am so proud to be a part of. I cannot imagine myself doing anything but that. I started teaching in a special needs school at the tender age of 17. It was a  school that catered to teach children who were neurologically impaired and differently-abled. I remember people asking me why are you not in college? Why would you waste your time going there? How could I explain to them that I was thriving in an environment where the best part of my day was watching these young minds learn a new skill that was taught to them? More than me teaching them, it was they who were teaching me about life. They were the ones who taught me about patience and being resilient in life. I could go on and on and on.

Coming back to the topic in hand as to why teaching is a noble job? As an educator, I believe that after our parents, the next person who lays awake at night, keeping the welfare of their students in mind are teachers. Teachers are indeed God’s gift to students. I’m going to go ahead and say that teachers are the angels who god places on earth to watch his children.

As teacher day approaches, I want you all to take a moment and identify a teacher who made an impact in your life. A teacher who changed your perspective and gave you direction in life. Identify that teacher and ensure you show your gratitude to them. The most natural and most beautiful being by sending them flowers.  We all know that flowers are humble but beautiful; flowers are intricate and extraordinary, and last but not least, flowers are sacred and rare let them know the difference they have made to your life.

Why flowers? Cos “Flowers don’t tell, they show.” – Stephanie Skeem

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  1. Jesse Reply

    Awesome Priya. Like I always say, you are truly an inspiration, in more ways than one. I hope and pray there are more teachers like you in the world. Of all my teachers throughout my education, I still remember only two fondly.

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