16 November, 2021

Best smelling flowers to gift your loved one

Flowers, whenever they are added to any space, help make it so much more beautiful than it was. This works not just for places but also for people. Flowers bring out the best in everyone, and that is why most people give their loved ones flowers. Not only do they help places and people look better, but they also leave an enchanting scent sometimes. This scent is alluring and inviting, and is one of the best things about gifting someone their favourite flower. So, the next time you want to give your loved one a bouquet, try to go for bulbs with strong scents. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best smelling flowers out there, that you can gift your loved ones!


Gardeners and flower enthusiasts all over the world are familiar with the hyacinth. One thing that makes this flower stand out is its signature scent which is both sweet and earthy. This fragrance is so sweet that it keeps insects and pests away from its beautiful, sparkling bulbs. The hyacinth is a flower, which, when added to any bouquet, makes the arrangement come to life effortlessly. The flower should be a staple in all your Spring and summer flower bouquets , as a means of keeping them fresh and supple. Talk with your online florist to make sure that the flower is cut fresh so that it exudes its natural scent.


The eternal symbol of love, roses are the best when it comes to expressing a love of any kind. Online florists from all over the world will tell you that these are the most sold flowers, owing to their large-scale appeal. Who can blame anyone for loving a flower that not just looks classy, but smells great too? They have a rich and luxurious fragrance, which makes them, without a doubt, nature’s personal perfume. They are also incredibly versatile and hence, can be added to any bouquet with ease.


Second, to none, other than the rose, the lily is one of the most popular flowers when it comes to gifting and decoration. This go-to flagrant bloom has a soft, elegant and classy smell that stays with you for quite some time. This makes the flower perfect for making beauty products and talcum powders. Furthermore, the lily comes in many different colours, making them a colourful addition to any sweet-smelling bouquet. Few flowers exude elegance and femininity the way a lily does. Therefore, make sure you give your loved one a bouquet, by signing up to our online flower delivery service, right now!


Make sure you place an order with your online florist, as soon as the Peony season arrives, cause you just shouldn’t miss this! These little blossoms come to life between April and June and spread their sweet fragrance as soon as they bloom. They are also very colourful and can, therefore, spruce up any bouquet with ease. However, since they will be available only for a short period, make sure you place your order early via your online flower delivery service.


The Freesia is an excellent flower if you want to gift it to a young, fun person. The scent it gives off is preppy and fruity, making it perfect for teenage girls, filled with energy and passion. Furthermore, to make things even better, this scent comes along with an extremely colourful bunch of flowers, making this the ultimate floral package. The most popular shades available are white, light pink, hot pink and yellow. However, they might be challenging to get your hands on, as they are mostly found in Europe. You must try your luck at an online florist or online flower delivery service because these buds are just too good to miss.

Sweet Pea

This flower has a scent so famous, that it finds its way into lotions, perfumes, body creams and even bath products. The light, youthful and airy aroma of this flower is loved by millions all around the world. The best thing about this scent is that it is gentle and not overpowering in the slightest. It is this very quality that allows it to be used along with other flowers to create a beautifully smelling bouquet. The sweet pea is an excellent way of showing your friends and family just how much you love them. So don’t wait for them and let them go out of stock! Instead, order online right now to get your bouquet home-delivered.

We have all heard our grandmothers say, ‘Take time to smell the flowers!’. Try testing out that advice in your real-life with the help of these sweet-smelling flowers. Use this list to pick out a perfect bouquet for your loved one, and get it home-delivered to them via our online flower delivery service. Also, which is your favourite scent out of this? Is it the calming hyacinth, elegant lily or classic rose that makes you feel the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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