17 August, 2022

Birth Flowers for every month revealed, making them the perfect Birthday gift

Do you know what the perfect birthday gift is for someone you love? Without a doubt, it must be a bouquet of their birth flowers! Nothing says “I love you”, like a charming bouquet of their birth flower home-delivered to them. Thanks to technology, we now have so many online florists we can turn to who can deliver such a bouquet. Thus, the only thing you need to do is to figure out what their birth flower is. Here’s an article to help you do just that! In this article, we will take a look at the birth flower for every month so that you can give your loved one the perfect birthday bouquet!

Birth Flowers for Every Month

January- Carnations

Carnations are famous for their ruffled petals, long life, and availability in a plethora of colours. They also symbolize hope and rebirth. No other flower could be more apt to start the year since carnations represent hope and longevity. Furthermore, since they are available in several different colours, you can make your loved one a fabulous bouquet using them! Also, since carnations do well for themselves in winter, January really makes them stand out and bloom. Carnations, whose botanical name Dianthus, literally means ‘Flower of the Gods’, making it an excellent choice for your queen or king!

February- Violet

Since Valentine’s Day falls in February, it is apt that people believe the rose to be the birth flower for this month. However, in truth, the birth flower of February is the violet, which symbolizes modesty and young love. The Greeks initially used these vibrantly-coloured flowers in herbal remedies and even to sweeten wine. Violets possess distinctive heart-shaped petals, making them a common ingredient in love potions throughout the years. The phrase shrinking violet came to be because the flower represents virtue and modesty, making February-borns humble and honest.


Since March brings with it Spring, it is apt that the daffodil which embodies radiance serves as the birth flower for this month. These cheerful, brightly-coloured blooms radiate positivity and represent new beginnings. In fact, these yellow flowers, called Narcissus owe their name to a Greek character who drowned admiring his own beauty. However, Narcissi represent more than just vanity, and through the years they have started to symbolize rebirth and faithfulness. These flowers bloom every year and have become a symbol of good luck around the world.

April- Daisy

Few flowers represent purity and innocence the way daisies can, making people born in April prone to being naive. These humble flowers also represent femininity, fertility, and motherhood. Due to this reason, they are a part of bouquets gifted to young mothers or expectant mothers. Since the flower closes at night to open again in the morning, their name comes from “day’s eye”. It is because of this that the phrase “fresh as a daisy” has become popular.


The people born in May are fortunate as they get to claim Lily as their birth flower. Long seen as a bridal favourite, these elegant blooms have a sweet fragrance that exudes grace. They are also exotic as they bloom only between March and May. Lily represents purity, sweetness, and humility, making people born in May the sweetest of the lot. Surprise your sweet love with a fresh bouquet of Lilies on their birthday!

June -Rose

It is interesting to know that the rose serves as the birth flower of June, making those born in June hopeless romantics. Throughout the years, people have loved roses thanks to their classic elegance and delicate fragrance. Since ancient times, the rose has represented love and passion, thanks to its connection to Aphrodite and Venus. Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of 12 red roses on your lover’s birthday.

July -Delphiniums

Those born in July tend to be positive and dignified like the delphiniums which serve as their birth flower. These flowers are a part of most cottage gardens and are a classic British summer bloom. Regarded one of the rare true blues, the delphinium represents dignity and an open heart.


People born in August tend to be striking, bold, and dramatic, much like the gladiolus. These stunning blooms have pointed tips and spectacular stalks and are available in several colours. Their dramatic looks made them an incredibly popular late-summer flower, loved by both men and women equally. The long stem the flower has gives it the name

‘Sword-lily’, which is a reference to the gladiators of ancient Rome.


Few flowers capture the essence of mortality and affection the way asters can. September’s birth flower exudes both love and daintiness in equal amounts, making it a crowd favourite. Since the flowers also represent wisdom and faith, they are a great flower to give to friends and family. While they resemble daisies, the aster gets its name from its shape, which resembles a star. Though they bloom throughout the year, they stay most vibrant in autumn, making them the perfect September bloom.


Few flowers can capture the autumn or fall feel that October exudes the way the marigold can. These golden blooms exude joy, radiance, and vigor, making them the perfect autumn bloom. Also, they are hardy flowers representing how people born in October tend to be robust and strong-willed. They also have a spicy scent which makes them a favourite of gardeners around the world.


Make sure you send your lover a bouquet of beautiful chrysanthemums if they are born in November. First cultivated in China, chrysanthemums have come a long way since the 15th century BC. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular cut-flowers, they represent honesty and loyalty. They come in a variety of colours, with each having a symbolic meaning.


Few flowers resemble their birth month the way the Holly represents December. This winter bloom or foliage is synonymous with Christmas. No hearth made in December is complete without these lush green leaves and red berries. The Holly represents fertility and wealth, being a famous Pagan defense against witches and evil spirits. In case your loved one is born in December, help them keep the bad spirits at bay by giving them a wreath made of Holly!