6 July, 2022

Birthday surprise ideas for your girlfriend

One of the unspoken rules of this world is that girls and women love receiving gifts from their loved ones. Most women love the fact that their special one thinks of them and cares for them enough to get them presents. Now, these gifts need not be fancy and expensive affairs. Most women care more about the thought that goes into buying them than the actual gift. Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary, or celebration regarding an achievement, a gift is a great way to make her feel loved. The best thing to do would be to surprise her with a gift, because, let’s face it, most of us love surprises! Science and technology make it easier than ever before to surprise your loved one with a gift. Just make use of some online flower delivery or online gift delivery service to get the gifts home-delivered. Are you unsure about what to gift your girlfriend? Well, here’s a little something to help you out!


Nothing shouts out birthdays the way balloons do. Whether you are five years old for fifty, balloons are bound to make you smile. Therefore, go for balloons to remind her of the child that lives within her. You could hand over a bouquet of balloons or better yet, cover the floor with balloons. There are various surprise gift agencies that help you accomplish this. Otherwise, get a packet of balloons and fill them up using a cycle pump. You can even attach the balloon to another gift to make it more presentable.

Flowers And Candles

Make use of online florists to give your loved one some flowers. Wish her happy birthday by sending over a lovely flower bouquet. Similarly, to help her relax when she gets home from college or work, decorate the house using flowers. You can also add candles, scented or otherwise, to spice up the ambiance. You can even use this occasion to re-propose to her if you wish to. Another great idea would be to surprise her by spreading rose petals all over the living room and illuminating it using candles.

Gorgeous Movie Date

If your girlfriend loves watching movies, then her birthday might be a great day for you to give her a great movie experience. Take her out on a fantastic date that ends with a royal PVR movie night. Get exclusive tickets using their Gold invite and enjoy a great movie in the best circumstances. Not only does this allow you to spend some quality time with her, but it can also be very relaxing and therapeutic.

Musical Evening

If you are gifted with musical skills, then make the best of it now! Use your singing pipes or your instrument virtuoso to give her a wonderful evening. Pen a song for her, and put all your love into the lyrics. Surprise her with a bouquet of red roses and a rendition of that song. Do this before you cut her birthday cake. In case you are good at cooking, try to bake the cake yourself, so that it is more personal. Likewise, if you are more inclined towards dance, organized a flash mob with the help of your friends and surprise her outside your home. The best places to try this out would be in a mall or a restaurant. Make sure you have a friend video-tape the whole thing so that it becomes a valuable memory for the future.

Plan a Couple’s Trip

In case you both have the time, and your girl loves to travel, whisk her away on a romantic getaway. Not only will this give you some much-needed alone time, but it can also serve as a mini-vacation. Choose a place she has shown interest in visiting, and surprise her with a bunch of flowers and tickets to the destination. Make sure you pre-book the hotel and flight tickets to prevent having to pay exorbitant amounts. Plan a trip for a week or so, in a beautiful place either within India or abroad. If you are confused regarding where to go, take a look at this article before you choose your destination.

Every woman deserves to feel like a Queen on her birthday. Celebrate her for who she is, and your relationship on her special day to create life-long memories. Remember that rather than the money you spend on the gift, it is the thought that counts. Try to make the gift as personal as possible so that she never forgets it. Make use of all the services available around you to surprise her in multiple ways. In case you need an online florist in Pune, do check out our website to get more ideas regarding how to give her flowers. Have you surprised your girlfriend on her birthday such that she will never forget it? If so, what did you do and how did she react? Let us know in the comments below!

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