6 July, 2022

Celebrate Your Moment Of Love At Your First Anniversary

Celebrate Your Moment Of Love At Your First Anniversary

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What are the chances of finding your perfect one in a world of a billion people on earth! Each with their individual taste, likability and heart. But you did! Be it love at first sight or tinder; confessing to your best friend to falling for your arch enemy; a secret office romance or a movie styled slow-mo moment, you found your Mr/Ms perfect and fell in love with them over the smallest things they did for you. Their smile, their annoying but sweet habits, their favourite food, everything became a part of your world. As both of you opened up your world to each other.

Time flew by as you went out together. Made yourself amazing memories and held on to each other through thick and thin. But how do you put this in words for your partner and make her feel special as you complete a year of absolute togetherness? If you are looking for things to do to celebrate your moment of love at your first anniversary and spice things up, look no further than Withlovenregards!

Make it extra special with our three-step golden rule!

Jar it up 

10 paper ideas for your first wedding anniversary

Films have shown us how making a thousand cranes can make your dreams come true. But what if it really works but in a different way? Make way for colour pens and sharpies! Write down all that you love about them- their breathtaking smiles, fuzzy eating habits, cute comebacks, energizing talks, the favourite perfume you like! Write down the places you have been to, the chai you shared together, moments when she/he made you feel happy, moments when you saw your first sunset together.

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Write what you like about her, what skipped your heart in the first date – everything! Roll up these 365 pieces of coloured paper and put all your love in a Mason jar to celebrate 365 days of happiness. Add a piece of extra cloth around the neck and add a ribbon to it. Gift her favourite book or eco-friendly notebooks. You can also leave a sweet reminder of your togetherness but buying your partner a watch.

(Ps- Paper is traditionally believed to be an excellent gifting choice for first anniversary)

Map of the Soul: Your time together

What if Carl Jung’s book helps your make wonders at your anniversary? Yes. You heard it right! Bring out your creative skills and make her a beautiful collage of all the places you have been and all the time you have spent together. Let your heart lead you into building the perfect card/album/scrapbook, filled with your immense love and numerous cute short notes attached to it. Nothing will make his/her heart melt like this. You can also make Polaroid copies add fairy lights to surprise her. In modern sensibilities, gifting watch is also seem ideal commemorates the passage of time over this important first year. Don’t forget to be one time.

Glam it up!

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Scented candles, music, gifts? You got everything in order. But wait, where is the show stopper?

With everything on the place for the special occasion, glam up the celebration. With a special order from Withlovenregards! Spread in 250+ cities across India, we help you chose the perfect, fresh, bunch of red roses or any other flowers for your special one. From bouquets to Round Basket of mix roses from our selves, step up your game and choose from the wide variety of beautiful flower bouquet to be the cherry on your day.

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Be it white chocolate or dark chocolate, Dairy milk or ferrero rocher, assorted chocolate baskets or handcrafted chocolate, add a sweet touch with our range of chocolate gifts. Be it her/his favourite black forest cakes or personalized notes, let Withlovenregards help you add that perfect touch to your expression of love! We understand love comes in all shapes and times, and so accept midnight delivery requests.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our page to find the perfect recipe to your kind of love.

(PS- Don’t forget to pay attention to details)