24 May, 2022

Colourful and creative Ideas for Birthday cakes


When we are growing up, our moms always made our birthday cake such a big deal.

That is where these cakes come into play! She’d ALWAYS go out of her way to make our day special and one of the ways she did so was making us whatever kind of birthday cake that we wanted. Click on the picture or the words below the image for all the details on directions on how best to create each cake! Now that my children are getting old, I want to keep the birthday convention of making them a special birthday cake; however my decorating expertise is unquestionably a beginner level. These cakes are simple — you could make the cake from scratch or use a cake mixture out of a box. The frosting on every one of them is just buttercream or whipped frosting (no complex fondant in these recipes!)


  1. Chocolate Cake

Every one loves chocolate cake and the recipe is truly classic. This cake was made using a cake mix, canned frosting, and chocolate chips and perfection need sometime helps.


2. Chocolate chip cookie cake


Chocolate chip cookies cake is one of the favorite cake in childhood days, chocolate and cookies flavor was so delicious, it’s a thick and giant cookies full of chocolate chips.


3. Kit Kat Cake

This cake could not be more simple – line the edges with Kit Kat Candy Bars and top off with M & M’s. Treat your little one with this cake.


4. Picture cake 

Picture cake is one the memorable cake of our childhood.


5. Theme cake 

Theme cake is always a choice of our interest and hobby.