17 August, 2022

Different ways to support local business in Pandemic

Local Business affected in this pandemic and small business especially fruits and vegetable vendors, small shops selling foods and snacks for livelihood has a very bad impact on the business, many of them on verge of closing down or forced to choose some other alternative work to support their family. It is our responsibility to support this local business when they need the most.

Send someone beautiful flowers to Brighten up the day.

The local florist is working very hard to survive in this lockdown, and they are working very hard to get you the beautiful flowers delivered. Send your loved ones or your friends and family a beautiful flower bouquet that will leave in their doorstep with contactless delivery. Flowers are an easy way to bring a smile and brighten someone’s day and remind them you keep thinking for them.

Order flower delivery in advance for an upcoming occasion like friendship day, Raksha Bandhan. You will be helping al local florists, many of them are struggling to survive in this crisis, and order a beautiful flower bouquet from them which is delivered utmost care and small help can change in their life.

Send Supplies to local community Kitchen.

There are a lot of people not working, and these lockdown hard hits, mostly daily wage workers. There are a lot many community kitchens are working day and night to feed up necessary people. As an individual, we cannot feed the people in the masses. Still, our small contribution of groceries and supplies help this community kitchen keep running for the necessary people if every individual helps in small quantity on the personal capacity it makes a hell lot of difference and this small gesture go a long way!

Help small Vendors in your locality.

In the time of crisis, many people are jobless and doing alternative mode of employment to help the family. Small vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, buy fruits and vegetables from them to keep their livelihood running.

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