6 July, 2022

Hints to catch on if your relationship lacks emotional support.

Relationships, as we know are based on several factors like mutual understanding, mutual respect, honesty, trust, etc. One of the major factors on which the core of relationships is based is called emotional support.

Emotional support emotionally or mentally binds people in a relationship. It is all about providing love, support, compassion, and encouragement to your partner. It plays an important role in stabilizing the relationship, as it is also about shouldering the troubles of your partner and bearing the consequences together etc. It is, in simple words, the literal meaning of what we call ‘being there for each other’

With all these being said, it is clear that emotional support has an inevitable role in any relationship. But as a matter of fact, we know that not all relationships are perfect. And if emotional support plays such a vital role, then how do we understand when there is a lack of emotional support in a relationship?

Signs that your relationship lacks emotional support


  1. Feeling of loneliness

Feeling lonely when you are alone is normal. But what if you feel lonely when you are with your partner. When the emotional connection is lost, you tend to feel isolated. You feel that you don’t belong where you are right now. This feeling of being disconnected is an easily noticeable sign that your relationship lacks emotional support.

  1. Lack of physical intimacy

Physical intimacy doesn’t always refer to sexual intimacy. It can be as simple as a touch. It is getting into the personal space of your partner. It can be hugging, holding hands, or just sitting close to each other without feeling discomfort. When you lack physical intimacy, you again feel less connected. You will be disturbed or uncomfortable just by sitting next to your partner. This again points to the lack of emotional support in a relationship.

  1. You start comparing and complaining

At the beginning of the relationship, you find each other to be the perfect individuals. But as time passes, if you find yourself or your partner comparing each other with random people, it is a sign of lack of emotional support. This is a point at which your most reasonable complaints become irrelevant to your partner. This is when disheartening fights or quarrels happen as your partner will no more validate your feelings.

  1. You share less about your emotions.

If you are in a relationship, ask yourself ‘when was the last time you talked to your partner about how you feel’. If it’s been quite a while, it is a hint that your relationship lacks emotional support. If you don’t feel to talk about your feelings, it is because you feel it doesn’t hold any importance even if you do so. And this happens when you subconsciously realize that your partner doesn’t care about your feelings anymore. When there is less emotional intimacy, you’ll feel it is better to not open-up.

  1. Lack of active listening

Not everyone is an active listener. But in relationships, this is an important skill to have, as it makes the person, who speaks, feel important. If you notice that your partner is into his/her phone while you are talking to them, this shows that they are least interested in listening to you. This lack of interest is also due to a lack of emotional support. As this goes on, you tend to share less. And gradually stops sharing anything at all. Hence you find yourself or your partner having secrets and with a lot of things being unsaid between you both, you again feel disconnected.

  1. You find no shoulder to lean on

When you feel down or emotionally drained and finds no one to console or no shoulder to lean on, even when you are in a relationship, this is a big sign that your relationship lacks emotional support. It may have happened a lot of times, but we tend to call it a coincidence. But it is not. If your partner is nowhere to be found when you are emotionally broke, it is not a coincidence at all. This shows the unwillingness of your partner to shoulder your pains or burdens.

Emotional support is the pillar of any healthy relationship. But the lack of emotional support doesn’t mean that it’s the end of a relationship. As we discussed above, no relationships are perfect. Doesn’t mean that we cannot make it perfect. The lack of emotional support can be rectified. All you have to do is identify the cause and do what is necessary. Communication plays a key role in a relationship. Many such problems can be solved just by communicating with each other. Persistent and sincere efforts that you together put in your relationships will be fruitful sooner or later.