6 October, 2021

How Long Do Flowers Last and How Can We Enjoy a Fresh Bouquet.

Nature is always wonderful and it has beautiful way of adapting and creating life, disappearance is also the part of nature. Every living being need certain condition to survive and evolve depends on the type of the life you have and how rich and wealthy lifestyle is.

The lifespan of the flowers is determined by vast number of factors, like in our case. All of us loved to receive flowers forever. Flower need to be taken care in proper way to have them for long last, let find out;

*What types of flowers long last?

*How maintain suitable environment for flowers

* Choose the right flower food

* How the flower will long last in specific environment

*Prolonging the life of the flowers

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What types of flowers long last?

First thing arise in the mind what kind of bloom last long and how sure we are about flowers. Flowers are so vibrant and powerful colours. They usually last for couple of weeks depends how you care of them.

Some of the flowers which last long are Zinnias, Orchids and carnation. Zinnias can last for 20 days and Orchids and carnation can last for 2 weeks if taken care properly.

Maintain Suitable environment for your flowers

Giving the right environment can have positive impact on keeping bloom long. If you want your flowers last long, you need to place in the room that has plenty of light and has fresh air, avoid from direct sunlight.

Make sure flowers are placed in the vase with clean water, even small amount of dust at the bottom of the vase can affect the flowers, and they are lot more sensitive. If you want flowers to last long then give them the proper environment

Choose the right food flowers

Just as right environment, flowers need a good food, the primary thing they consume if water and sunlight. However you can buy fertilizers from market to feed the flowers which is specially made for flowers, and even in home sugar is one of the best food for flowers, just add little to the water and its helps to grow faster.

How the flower will long last in specific environment

Flowers are sensitive and any change in environment has an adverse affect on their longevity.

Cutting stem if the first process with a clean and sharp knife in 45 degree angle and change the water on every alternative day.