6 July, 2022

How to build a healthy relationship?

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. It can lift you, and make you a better person. It is one of the most profound experiences that humans can have in their entire lifetimes. To feel connected to another human being, and to know that they think the same is a beautiful feeling. However, nowadays, we hear a lot about relationships breaking down quickly. Many relationships are not being able to handle the stresses that modern-day life brings with it. So, how do we ensure that our kinship makes it through the difficult times? Well, the best way to do that is by building a healthy relationship. Here are a few tips to help you create a healthy relationship.

What is a healthy relationship?

  • You share a common goal, and that is making this relationship work
  • Both partners know exactly what they want out of the relationship and where it needs to take them
  • There is a deep and meaningful connection between the individuals involved
  • Each person feels loved and cared for by the other
  • Both people are accepted for who they are by the other
  • You do not fear disagreement and know you can work things out by discussion
  • There is no undue fear, insecurity or anxiety
  • There is honest and open communication between you two

Tips to Build a Healthy Relationship

  1. Learn to appreciate and accept each other’s differences. Never try to change the inherent nature of your partner, but instead, try to celebrate them for who they are. For instance, if you love roses and hate lilies, do not try to expect the same from your significant other. Instead, accept that each of you is different individuals and hence, have different tastes. Accept these differences and adjust to grow and develop together as humans.
  2. While it is natural that we will feel more comfortable with people who share similar interests, never let this ruin your relationship. Both of you are people first and a couple later. While you must pursue activities together, you should also give yourself some time off. This will help you mature as an individual, thereby improving your relationship in the long run.
  3. Always listen to what your partner has to say. Rather than always being the active talker, try to step back and listen effectively to what your significant other says. If they wish to celebrate your anniversary in a low-key way, do so. Do not nod yes, and then go all-out with a large-scale celebration. Instead, send her some birthday flowers and get her cakes. Be with her and make her feel special with your presence and not through your affluence. 
  4. Understand that while everyone loves to be pampered and treated like royalty, they need your time more than anything else. Yes, you should get him flowers through an online florist. But that won’t mean anything unless you are present when he needs you. The most important thing you can give someone isn’t expensive gifts, roses or anniversary presents, but your time! Also, technology is not a substitute for your attention, care and time. 
  5. Communication is an integral part of every relationship. Therefore, learn to communicate effectively so that you can build a strong and healthy relationship. Do not go ahead on a topic by just assuming that the other person has understood what you are saying. Instead, talk to them, ask them and make sure that they have understood you entirely.
  6. Manage your time so that neither your loved one nor your family feels left out. We all use a lot of technology in our lives. While that has had a lot of positive influences, such as online flower delivery, online gift delivery, and so on, it also has banes. Make sure you don’t spend more time with your mobile phone than with your loved one.
  7. Accept constructive criticism and use that feedback to make yourself a better partner. Instead of getting defensive every time your partner tells you something that is bothering them, listen to it. Do some introspection and figure out whether they are right. If they are, accept the criticism and discuss ways you can rectify the problem. Once you know how to solve the problem, work towards bettering yourself as an individual, towards removing these obstacles and build a stronger relationship. 
  8. Trust, and do so with your whole heart. Love is nothing without respect and trust, and no love lasts without faith. If love is a rose waiting to bloom, then trust is the root that binds it to the ground and gives it life. 

Use these tips to build a relationship that makes you feel loved and happy. If you have been lucky enough to create one that is this strong, let your loved one know that you love them by sending over some flowers right now! Approach Pune best online florist for flower delivery in Pune and let them know how much you mean to them. Give us a shout-out in the comments below, and let us know who is that special someone in your life.