25 January, 2022

How to Keep That X-Factor of your Relationship Alive…!!

Image result for RelationshipIf you are leading a married life for a while, maybe for several months or years, one of the biggest concerns in your life may be about keeping that X-factor still sizzling in your relationship. Do you often think about some incredible ways to make your relationship exhilarating again? So, I hope this article may be of some help to you, as I will be listing some simple tips that I believe can be highly useful in keeping that X-factor alive in your relationship, even after Marriage.

Surprise your partner with flowers

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On these days Many of us are living separately from our partner due to our jobs. It’s always a painful feeling for us, but it hurts most whenever a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary comes. We want to surprise our partner, want to send some flowers and gifts just to show how much we love them or care for them. In recent time there are many online portals which do precisely the same. No matter which city your partner living, you can order something online to surprise them. Flowers are the most beautiful gift for any occasion. It speaks a thousand unspoken words. On occasions like a birthday or an anniversary, you can order a beautiful bouquet of flowers online along with some dark Belgian chocolates and gifts and surprise them by delivering it midnight. If its Valentine day then you must go for some beautiful red roses bouquet along with a heart-shaped cake.

Talk sweetly

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Believe it or not, bringing about a sweet approach while talking to your better half always helps to add that little bit of spice in your boring relationship life after Marriage. I am sure that it does not take up a lot of your valuable time to send some texts like “I love you,” and “I miss you” to bring a smile on the face of your partner and make him/her realize how special he/she is in your life. You can even admire his/her presence in your life, or you can tease a little or bring up some of the naughty memories in your relationship to make your partner blush! Praise her with words from the bottom of your heart, words which you know would bring a smile on her face.

Go on a Romantic date

There is no such rule that states you cannot go out on a date with your partner, after Marriage. Light up that candle of your love life once again by spending some quality time alone with your better half. You may take her on a long drive, or take her to the theatre to watch a movie, or have a candlelit dinner at your favourite restaurant and have a pleasant conversation and you surprise her by ordering a beautiful heart shape chocolate cake with some message on the cake. People often say that the best way to sort out problems of your married life and the secret to every healthy relationship is sharing everything in your heart with your better half. You can talk about fields where both of you take an interest. And also clear up some of the issues both of you have been facing with your relationship recently, after Marriage. The aim of this is to spend some quality time together with your better half, on a regular basis.

Dressing Up For Your Partner

Dressing up especially for your partner, in your best attire, can simply do the magic! So, all the ladies go to the beauty parlour to style your hair and makeup. Meanwhile, dear men, pamper yourself up and increase the hotness in you by a few notches to look like the dream prince of your lady. Praise each other, once you are out on the street, walking hand in hand, for a romantic walk on a moonlit night.

Participate in your partner’s life
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Well, here comes one of the best ideas to keep that X-factor alive in your Marriage! Your better half will love it if you share every bit of your daily life. Strange communication gaps and misunderstandings that persist between the two of you can lead to the absence of this habit. Also, if your partner is not in the mood to share something, at the very moment, do not become too desperate to check that recent notification that showed up on your mobile phone. Both persons should always remember the fact that a good relationship should include both accountability and honesty!

Let the intimacy rise between the two of you

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Looks like it is finally time to use some affection as a key to a happy married life! Even though it seems to be the most clichéd thing that you would hear about couples, it tends to become a reality when the efforts of the couple seem to vanish in the air!

So, get into deep thought about both of your views on intimacy, and start working on it accordingly. Even if you are not willing to, try to touch each other every day, maybe to make your better half realize that you are always there. Psychology suggests that intimacy tends to increase the flow of happy hormones in the blood, which eventually makes us feel happy!