17 August, 2022

How to keep your flowers bouquet fresher and longer ????

Way to keep your flower bouquet fresher and longer

Whenever we receive bouquets and flowers, we have an assumption that flower will die in a day or so, which sometimes is not true. Here are a few tips that you can keep your flower bouquet fresh and more prolonged.

Water should be clean: remember like we drink water in the same manner they do so, water in the vase should be very clean as our drinking water disinfect you jar with soap or bleach, use a good brush to clean the vase, a bacteria can stay dormant in the vase for longer, so clean the vase regularly. Use hard cold water, not soft water. More in-depth the water better and change the water in a couple of days.

Use a sharp knife to cut stemUse sharp pruners to cut the stems of the flowers, not scissors, scissors pinching the stems of the flowers which can damage capillaries. Cutting the stems in 45-degree angles with a sharp knife will expose the capillaries leads to flow more waters into the stem; one inch of cut every day will allow more water into the stem to keep them fresh longer.

Keep away from sunlight and heat: Heat and sunlight will shorten the life of the flowers, so keeping them in a cool and dry place helps them to stay longer.

Excessive flower foodUse the appropriate quantity of flower food in the vase, and it should dissolve in the water, it should be at the bottom of the vase.

No matter how long is the stem but these methods going to keep your flowers longer and fresher?