6 July, 2022

How to pick the right flowers for an arrangement

Whenever you send someone a floral arrangement, it is a way to express how you feel about them. Whether it is for a friend or a loved one, a floral arrangement can capture feelings that words cannot express. Therefore, whenever you send someone a flower arrangement, make sure it is the absolute best! So, how do you ensure that? Well, the easiest way to do so would be to pick out the perfect flowers for the arrangement. Here’s a look at how to place online orders for the best floral arrangements by choosing the best flowers! Thanks to online flower delivery services, you can now home-deliver your loved one a perfect floral arrangement. So, the only thing you need to do is pick out the best arrangement, and here’s something to help you do just that.

How to pick the best fresh flower arrangement

Factors to consider while picking out your flowers:

The money you can spend- Firstly, you need to be sure about what your budget is, and what you can afford with that money. Certain flowers are more expensive because they are harder to find. Therefore, choosing the right flowers depends on knowing how much money you are willing to spend. Online flower delivery services offer several affordable options, so don’t be discouraged.

The occasion you are celebrating – Another critical factor you need to consider is what you are celebrating. For instance, romantic dates will utilize roses, while get-well-soon bouquets consist of pansies and daisies.

Seasonal Considerations – Certain flowers are only available in spring, whereas some others bloom right before the onset of winter. Therefore, seasonal considerations are essential while picking out flowers for your arrangement. However, there are several blooms that you have access to year-round. You can make use of these irrespective of the season. Also, using seasonal flowers in your arrangement will help bring down the cost of the entire bouquet.

Time Constraints – The best floral arrangements are the ones you deliver fresh to someone you love. Therefore, make sure you consider how long the arrangement has to stay fresh and how long it will take to deliver. In case you need it to stay fresh for a while, go for blooms that stay fresh for long, and also lush foliages which do not wither with time.

Research – Make sure you know what each flower symbolizes before picking out flowers for an arrangement. Doing the right research will help you send across an arrangement that carries a vital message.

Flower Arrangements for Occasions

Birth of a child – Get your loved one a beautiful bouquet of pink roses. Pink symbolizes hope and care, while also being a colour that babies love, making this the perfect choice for an arrangement that celebrates a new birth. Carnations may also be added to baby flower arrangements as they are long-lasting and sturdy. Daffodils look cute and cheery, making them ideal for a new mother.

Apology – Go for an arrangement full of fresh roses and yellow tulips in case you want to say sorry to someone you love.

Get-Well-Soon – Add a dash of colour with daisies and also include pansies to create the perfect get-well-soon bouquet. In case you want more ideas to create an arrangement for a loved one who is sick, check out our article on the same over here.

Condolence – Send someone an arrangement with white roses or lilies to express your sorrow and concern in a graceful way.

Positivity – Include colourful blooms like daisies and tulips to help someone stay strong during a crisis. In case you want them to relax, you can also send them water hyacinths which represent peace.

Fight Stress – In case your loved one is having a tough day at work, and needs some energy, then send them a bouquet of bright sunflowers. Not only does this come as their ray of sunshine, but it also helps in keeping the dark clouds at bay.

Graduation – Pink roses are a great way to show your appreciation and warm roses add some warmth. Orchids also serve as a great choice when it comes to making a congratulatory floral gift.

Birthdays – When sending a floral bouquet as a birthday gift, choose flowers that are specific to their birth month. Check out our article on Birthday flowers to get an idea regarding which flowers work as the birthday flower for people born in different months.

Floral Arrangements based on Colours

White – Symbolises peace, tranquillity, and prosperity. Therefore, white lilies and daisies are excellent choices for arrangements that celebrate a house-warming functioning or the opening of a new business. Similarly, white carnations and Irises represent hope and good luck.
Bright colours like red, orange, and yellow represent celebration, festivity, and joy. Orange flowers also denote enthusiasm, warmth, and a passion for life. For such bouquets choose bright flowers like yellow daisies or sunflowers. Red flowers such as roses, lilies, and amaryllis symbolize romance and passion and serve as an excellent gift for lovers. Yellow represents respect and good-health and should be a part of get-well-soon and positive arrangements. Calm colours like green and blue represent peace, charm, and tranquillity.

Use this guide to pick out the best flowers for a floral arrangement for your loved ones. Remember that flowers are nature’s gifts that help you symbolize different feelings and emotions. Pick out the perfect flowers for beautiful floral arrangements and let your loved ones know how much you love them and care for them!