16 November, 2021

How warm winter and longer monsoon affecting red rose production


Long winter and warmer monsoons are seriously affecting the production of flowers; on this Valentine day, roses will come at a premium price. Last year unseasonable rains and prolonged monsoon had led to a decline in the production of flowers in India.

There is a massive demand on every Valentine’s Day, and the growers from the region said that there is a surge in the market, but the prices are meager, and production is low.

Low temperature is required for roses to bloom and stay fit for a longer duration, but the warmer weather has affected the production and exports are already due to low production.

At the beginning of February, the international demand increase for roses; most of the demand comes from Australia, Europe, and Japan.

As the domestic market has grown, huge demand from cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other cities.

This year consistent cloud and prolonged warm weather already hit the production, and also affecting the export market as domestic market demand has also increased.