6 October, 2021

Interesting Facts On Valentine’s Day…!!

Most of the vacations are meant to be a series of love, passion, and appreciation, but no vacation doesn’t match better than Valentine’s Day! Since the Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage, Saint Valentine never stops performing the ritual of marriage between men and women.

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So, it was quite normal for people to exchange flowers on their wedding day as an indication of good fortune and the beginning of a “flourishing” relationship. Even today also, we are still celebrating the romance and love on February 14th by exchanging chocolates, fresh flowers and teddy bears. If you think that You know everything about that centuries-old holiday? Then You could be amazed to know such entertaining Valentine’s Day facts!

 Most Popular Flowers Ordered

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Perhaps you have wondered what are the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day ? Most folks would assume this to be the roses; however, there are many more choices to pick from besides that flower that is conventional. Other popular flower types includes, tulips, gerbera daisies, and lilies. Want to mix it up? A variety of flowers is not only trendy but will make your gift stand out! Watch more of our mixed flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

Most Popular Flower Colors

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Warm Tones are regarded as affectionate, and because of this, red, pink & hot pink is included by some of their most popular flower colours for Valentine’s Day! It’s estimated that this season, fifty-five percentage of flowers for Valentine’s Day is going to be red, ordered, and followed by pink in thirty-five percentage .

Are you searching for something more on the tender side? Purple is also a remarkably common flower colour purchased for Valentine’s Day, creating a beautiful and unexpected surprise for your beloved one. This shade is anticipated to make up ten percent of flowers arranged.

 Colours Of Roses Mean

Let us help you to express yourself and disperse together with flowers! Flowers, especially roses, possess several interpretations and meanings based on their colours. Check this listing out and find the best fit for your Valentine:

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It is no surprise a red flower has a message that is clear: I love you. Bouquet of Red roses are a tradition in Valentine’s Day, and that means you can never go wrong with sending a dozen (or two or three!) To your love’s doorway.


The colour pink tones the intensity of red but nonetheless possess a sentimental message. Both loving and adoring, a pink blossom speaks “appreciating you” softly.


Purple tells that your own love,” always knew you are the true one” in a classic, elegant way. This tone feels like a promise of love!

Hot Pink

Looking for an Unconventional take in Your Own Valentine’s Day? Try out a hot pink flower and tell your love, “I am grateful you’re in my entire life.”

Other Popular Flower Types Mean

Bend the criteria using a fresh blossom that your significant other will not be awaiting! Have a look at these other popular Valentine’s Day blossoms and learn about their special meanings for a new method to express your love.

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Lilies: purity and refined beauty

Tulips: ideal love, charity, royalty

Daisies: innocence and pleasure

Orchids: love, fertility, thoughtfulness and allure

Number Of Flower Stems Expected to Sell

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Think of a number and double it. That amount is likely too low! It’s roughly estimated that as many as 18 million to 18.5 million stems will be sold in 2020 for Valentine’s Day for U.S.A only. Now imagine the figure for worldwide. All those flowers and it only takes one to show how you feel.

The Best Time To Order Valentine’s Day Flowers

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It’s stated that the early bird gets the worm, so it’s always better to order early to ensure your gift is delivered in time for the busiest day of the blossom season. Gift-givers are invited to purchase before February two by the many online flowers delivery portals to receive the best deal and greatest selection!