6 October, 2021

Rising Wholesale flower markets give Wings to Online Flower Delivery Systems in Pune

Pune is one of India’s most popular destinations for students and techies.  Pune is a growing hub of IT and Auto industries. As a modern city and cosmopolitan culture and good income status, there is a demand for many services; online flower delivery service is also growing with rapid demand for flower delivery from Corporates and Individuals.

Throughout the Ages

What started as the Peshwa’s base, during the reign of the mighty Marathas, became a British center. With many military bases, Pune became an important stronghold. After India gained its independence, Pune developed even further. It grew to become a fluid amalgamation of the new and the old. The presence of several educational institutions earned it the name Oxford of the East. So, what makes Pune so great?

Flower Industry

Modern-day Pune is home to both students and manufacturing industries. It has people from all over the world, working and studying in it. This highly heterogeneous mixture helps in the growth and development of commerce within Pune. Its twin-wonders, Pimpri and Chinchwad, has become a center for both wholesale and retail flower markets. Pune is home to over 12 wholesale and more than 120 retail floral shops, making it a powerhouse in the flower delivery business.

Wings to Online Flower Delivery Services

To help these wholesalers and retailers, the Agriculture Produce Market Committee is looking for new ideas. Their plans involve setting up flower markets in Gultekdi Market. Similar to the Aalsmeer Holland Mall, which is the world’s largest floral market, the APMC wants to set up one, here in Pune. Once completed, this project will become the biggest motivator and helper for the floral business in Pune. However, such plans have infrastructural limitations. Also, reports state that the progress has been slow. The department made a lot of changes, as the draft did not satisfy the flower growers and traders.

Furthermore, such a sizeable floral market will require great air-conditioning to help keep the flowers fresh. Also, to match the scale of the Holland Mall, the Pune municipal body will have to shell out quite a lot of money! However, the committee has revised its original plans and allotted more funds to the project. The entire project has a value of about INR 40 crores, making it an essential program for the city.

Flower Market Facilities

Once completed, the floral market will boast of the following facilities;

  1. 272 florist shops
  2. Hall for holding auctions
  3. Business center
  4. Export Facility
  5. Conference Rooms
  6. Exhibition Hall
  7. Floral Gallery
  8. Floral Utility and Accessory Shops
  9. Bank branches
  10. Cold Storage

The Flipside to Online Flower Delivery Services

However, when such state-of-the-art facilities come upon this site, it might affect the local flower markets at Mahatma Phule Mandai. These historic alleys lined with large flower markets start from the Dagdusheth Halwai Temple and end at the Phule Mandai. Once Pune sets up such centralized flower markets that help online flower delivery in Pune, these people might find things to be complicated. While these people had thriving sales a few decades ago, the advent of online flower delivery services has seen their business fall by around 50%. Out of the 100 shops there, only 50 survived those tough years, which witnessed more people turning towards online flower delivery services. However, if these vendors sign up with online flower delivery services in Pune, they might be able to save themselves.

Online Flower Delivery in Pune is a Hit

Setting up such an extensive wholesale and retail floral delivery network will help everyone in the long run. Such a growing floral delivery base and demand base will help such flower vendors cater to everyone’s needs. The flower delivery market in Pune has been growing significantly in the last few years and will continue to do so. The natural presence and ease of use of such online flower delivery in Pune make it a clear favourite.

Great PR strategies, good marketing, reasonable offers, and a variety of choices make these online flower delivery services a huge hit! These services ensure that you receive your favourite blooms at your doorstep without leaving the comfort of your living room. Most of these online delivery services buy produce from the vendors at the Market yard. By making the most of these online flower delivery services in Pune, all types of retail and wholesale flower vendors can do well!