11 January, 2022

Popular fall flowers in Autumn

Autumn is the season after summer, and before winter and in India, it’s known as “Patajhad.” In the western world, this season is also called falls when leaves fall from the trees, which coincides with the dropping of leaves from the trees as they go in winter rest, also called falls.

Autumn is also known for some beautiful and colorful flowers which bloom in the fall; there are some of the flowers which are known for brilliant colour and beauty.


  1. Balloon Flower

Balloon flowers is named upon on unopened buds which swells before bloom and resemble balloon and it is knows as balloon flowers and its also know as Chinese bellflowers its perennial plant of the bellflower family Campanulaceae.


2. Celosia

Celosia seems like exotic flower also known as wool flower or cockscombs. Its a small genus of edible and ornamental plant in the amaranth family  Amaranthaceae. Its generic name is derived from Greek word. 


3. Michaelmas Daisy 

Purple if the official colour any of the various asters also called a Michaelmas daisy, so named because they are members of the Daisy (compositae) family and they bloom through Michaelmas, providing a late show of color and bloom in the garden.


4. Dahlias

Dahlias blooms in the mid of the summer and remain till the falls, Dahlias flowers symbolize elegance, creativity, dignity and inner strength. Dahlias is grown in the garden and good for keeping in vase and best for gifting friends.


5. Sunflowers

Plenty of people associate sunflowers with the summertime because of their vibrant yellow shades. However, sunflowers are also a great bloom for the autumn months, especially when they’re contrasted against greens, browns and other earthy shades.

A stunning arrangement you can give or keep is the.  Its bold sunflowers are accented with oregonia, magnolia leaves, lemon leaf and moss for a dramatic yet delicate look.