25 January, 2022

Power of flower: Uplift your mood in a Wink

How flowers lift your mood

Imagine having a long and tiring day, and someone sends you flowers at work or your partner, or any loved one gives you a fresh flower bouquet. It automatically will bring a smile to your face. It uplifts your mood and, in some amount, and for some time, you forget about the stress. Why does this happen with flowers? How do they uplift the mood? What wonders the flowers do to your mood? In the case of celebrations and all the happy occasions, we use flowers to decorate or to demonstrate affection to someone.

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And it works there too. Flowers make people happy, and again the question arises, what’s with the flowers? Many pieces of research are going on the impact of flowers on mood-lifting. It is under research on how flowers relieve stress and anxiousness. Some of the results are realistic, and we have come across some of them. Here are some facts about flowers and the importance of them in life for mood-lifting.

Flowers reduces stress

Some flowers like lavender and roses help to reduce anxiety and stress just with the smell. The smell reduces the level of stress hormones and elevates the mood. This is how exactly aromatherapy works. It uses the smell to heal the disorders. No matter how you add the smell, it remains the same. So why not send some flowers to your loved ones and make them happy and healthy by making them forget about their worries.

Refreshing colours

Seeing pretty colours can make you happy as they can evoke some memories. Every colour has its meaning and healing property. Most of the time, for celebration purposes, colourful flowers gifted to add more happiness. Colourful flowers are competent enough to make one happy and to bring someone into a good mood.

Flower Symbolism

The process of flower blooming is always fascinating to witness. The entire process symbolizes growth. Looking at this process makes people realize how new beginnings are important. Flowers represent joys in life as they stay for a few days and come again. This symbolism is pretty deep, and one can get a lot about life. The colours represent various aspects of life. Like red represents love, passion, and life, yellow talks about friendship, energy, and charm. Sending light-coloured flowers to someone can make their day. They may make them feel much brighter and happier. Always send orange/yellow shades for making someone happy. To calm someone, you can send either white or a combination of orange and yellow.

Beautiful Memories

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Flowers being mood lifters, always give us good memories. Different occasions in life like birthday, anniversary, or friendship day get connected with various flowers and always bring a smile to our face. Being a social animal, we human believe in bonding with others, and flowers can be the great media to do that. Flowers add another level and happy mood to everything around you.

Flowers Heal

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Like artistic paintings and crafts, flowers are a natural form of creativity, and it may make you active emotionally. The mixture of smell and colours can heal you mentally as well as physically. Issues like insomnia, depression, and anxiety are often considered as signs of bad mental health, but to your surprise, flowers can heal you from such things. They may improve your social behaviour.

It is not always easy to put everything in words or to make people happy without being there. Sending flowers to someone has been the longest-running tradition in human culture. They not only make that person happy but also elevate the person’s mood. Being in the proximity of nature has a lot many healing properties too.

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