26 January, 2022

Preserve Roses With Wax…!!

It is effortless to give extended life to your delightful fresh flowers like roses that you never dreamed off by simply dipping those flowers into wax! The ideal time to dip your roses would be at the end of their shelf life–when you’ve enjoyed their beauty for over a week–if the rose is in full bloom.

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Roses have been waxed several times by me over the years using paraffin wax. Now that soy wax handy in the market, you can easily give that a try… it’s worth to try and I am so happy that I did the same! Soy wax is a totally organic and reusable resource, it takes lesser time to melt, and very easy to wash. And soy wax is so different from others, that you can melt on anything even on microwave

Items needed To Preserve Your Flowers

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Fresh Long-stemmed Rose

jar or container which is microwave-proof

 Chunks of natural Soy wax 

Cooking thermometer (optional)

Empty jars or jars or moisture-proof eco-friendly wax paper

Steps to make the wax Roses

1. Trim the long stems of fresh roses around 6 to 9 inch long and that will make it very easy to dip the flowers into the wax, then place the stems into the container or vase for cooling. Make Sure You put scrap paper such as underneath the bottles, to catch dripping wax.

2. Fill a lot of wax into the microwave-proof container. Then heated it into the microwave for around two minutes on 100 degrees. After two minutes, take out the box from the microwave and examine properly whether all the wax melted adequately or not by stirring it with a disposable plastic spoon. If it is not melted adequately, place the container again to the microwave for an additional minute or two. Remember: Since the wax melts, you might discover that you need to add some more wax then just go right on and stir them into the container and keep the process.

3. when you are sure that all of the wax melted properly, you can start dipping it. Set your jar on a surface and make sure that your jar or vase ready to ready to dip the roses into the wax. You might place the dipped roses on wax paper to cool, but they’ll maintain their shape better if they trendy while upright.

Note: Your wax should be at approximately 100 degrees and may be quantified using a thermometer I found that melting the wax in short increments of time will keep it from getting too hot. Paused for a minute or two after removing the wax from the microwave to start dipping the flowers. You can tell whether your wax is getting cold when it starts looking hazy and also appears the same on the rose petals as well.


In case you have a lot number of flowers like maybe 20 or 30, you can use the same container to melt the wax by adding more wax chunks as per your requirements. Cover the wax jar to use in another time when you’re done. You can preserve many different kinds of flowers by using this technique.

Ideas to enjoying your waxed roses

Cut off the stem so that you can cradle the rose in this sweet bird’s nest dish after the wax has thoroughly cooled.

When the arrangement is made, You will surely love it! You can alter the position of your waxed roses and baby succulents to give a modern look which is as carefree as it is gorgeous!