11 January, 2022

Ready for Monsoon with these 5 amazing homemade delicacies.

The word Monsoon derived from an Arabic word, which means seasons. Monsoons are systems of seasonal wind that blow with consistency and regularity from oceans to continents in summer and the reverse direction in winter.

Scorching heat and sweltering heatwave, the breath of fresh and wet air create magical moments in our lives, Colourful umbrella’s around us and smell of damp soil and the greenery magnify everywhere with a freshness of new blooms and nature advance every corner of our life. Send flowers online to someone and makes this more memorable by sending a fresh bloom to your loved and dear one.

During Monsoon our taste buds get excited and having our favorite food is the best treat we can enjoy. Here some of the preparation which can be prepared commonly in every household and depends on the region and taste of the people and make to very satisfying.


The evergreen Bhajiya’s (Pakora)

Bhajiya or you can say Pakora is a well-known dish in every household in India and popular dish in the subcontinent. The spicy fried chilies that come with it along with the chutneys make the overall experience excellent. Combine this with some ‘Cutting Chai’ to give you the complete monsoon feeling.


Aaloo Paratha

Aaloo paratha is a famous north Indian dish, made up smash potatoes and stuffed in wheat dough and rolled like chapatti and served with curd and pickle; it is one of the best meals in the rainy season 


Cutting Chai







Cutting chai translates to ‘cut into half,’ which means a small quantity of tea. Initially, cutting chai was only offered at ‘tapri’ or chai stalls, but now many modern cafes are also serving it along with accompaniments.



Idli Sambar

This typical South Indian dish is perfect for the rainy season and is also healthy at the same time. The well-steamed idlis served with hot and spicy sambhar are sure to hit the spot and go very well with Monsoon’s cold winds.


Bake a Cake Yourself

Along with spicy and hot food, our taste buds also excite with desserts. They crave sweets, baking a cake at home is also a great and nowadays life is easy you can also order cake online from any bakers and make your comfort and enjoy the Monsoon with family and friends.

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