26 May, 2022

Rose day 2020

What is meant by Rose day?

Rose day is considered one of the most beautiful and exciting days of love in Valentine week because people express their love feeling with a rose to whom they love or want to make her/his love partner, it is celebrated on 7 Feb of every year and also the first day of Valentine week.

What is the significance and importance of Rose day on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine Week is much awaited week for love birds and Valentine week starts with Rose day and celebrated on 7th February every year.

Rose is all about giving a rose to your loved one and convey your feelings to the person. There is a story behind Rose Day that is interesting if you rearrange the Word Rose in “Eros” who is also the God of love and hence Valentine’s week begins with this day where people gift Rose as a token of love. Gifting Rose if the perfect way to express your true feeling without saying much. It is not necessary you have to gift Red rose to the special person in your life; depending upon the relationship you share with him or her you can choose flowers of your colour.

Red Rose

red rose bouquet

Red rose is the most common flower and it signifies love, emotion, and romance associated with it. Giving Red rose means you love him/her.

Yellow Roses

yellow rose

The Yellow rose signifies joy, delight, and appreciation yellow is the age-old spokes-colour for warm feelings of friendship and optimism.

White Roses

Did you have a fight with somebody and you now want to start everything with a clean slate? Present him or her white rose. This colour signifies innocence, humility, and goodness of heart.

Pink rose

pink rose

Pink roses have been given to express your gratitude to the person. You can gift these to your parents, mentor, teacher, sibling, or just a stranger to that which you are thankful for something.

Lavender Rose

Lavender rose if you are fallen in love at first sight? Well, tell this to that particular person by gifting lavender rose. Unfortunately, lavender roses are abundant and it’s not readily available.


Here some of the beautiful messages on the Rose Day

Happy Valentine’s Week, everyone!

Rose Day

red roses