18 September, 2021

Show your Valentine flowers some Tender love and Care

Valentine day is always a special day for love birds and for romantic people, when they know to be get adored on that special day and receiving Valentine flowers is the perfect way to express your love. Flowers represent love and beauty in many ways with their natural aroma and beauty for uplifting effects.

Once you receive the Valentine’s Day flowers best possible way to keep the flowers fresh for few days by giving plenty of tender love and care.

My team and I at Withlovenregards.com are SO passionate about flower care will provide you few tips on how to keep your Valentine’s Day flowers looking fresh and beautiful this Valentine’s season. Check out these tips and more below!

  1.  Every change water is highly recommended ad re-cutting the stems to make ensure of longevity of the flowers. Place the bouquet in separate place and add some warm water and flower food to the vase recommended on the sachet of the flower food with proper mixing method.
  2.  Do the re-cutting of the stem with sharp knife, make sure the knife is sharp enough and not rusted otherwise it will damaged the stem, best hold the stem under water while cutting, place the flowers in the vase with fresh water.
  3. Once you done with the all the above process keep the vase in quite place not under direct sunlight and or under any fan other wise within as hour flowers will get collapse from its original shape, once you take all the precaution, you will get surprised to see how long it will last.

      Shorter the stem, the easier it will be for the water to reach the       stem and the flower will remain longer.