26 January, 2022

Significance of colors in flowers

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Nowhere in nature can you find purer color than sunlight passing through the petal of a flower. Flowers are the beauty of nature, the fabric that glitters the fascinating world. But what makes these flowers so pretty and attractive? Pattern? Plant? No friends, it’s the color. Those vivid colors that make the flower appear so beautiful. Colors are the soul to the body, the name to the personality. It is the wholesome reason for the flowers being so attractive.

Imagine a flower colorless on the floral shop with timid fragrance. Will you pick it up for your wedding decoration or gift it to your girlfriend on valentines day ? I doubt. Colors are the significant feature of flowers. It beautifies the richness and loveliness of the flowers and captivates the eyes. The colors not only reinforce the beauty but also inflate the mood of humans. Humans tend to have mood swings according to the environment surrounding them and instances happening in and around. And here the colors play as a trump card.

Different colors have different significance. Red is the undeniable symbol of love and romance. The red roses on dates or valentine’s show the passion. It associated with heart whereas orange cheers us up and brightens the room. It is the symbol of unbeaten and enthusiasm,the yellow daisies or daffodils implies the chocolaty, playful friendship messages and shows respect. Green rares are the good fortune and renewal spreading flowers. Blues are romantic fire burning showing peach and commitment and developing trust among people. How about the indigo pansies which is a way of signalizing to listen to gut feeling with sincerity. Delicate pinks are feminine and convey gentleness and care. Above all is the white that stands for honesty, purity, fidelity, and thoughtfulness.

Colors are the vital key to affect the mood of humans. Apart from humans, colors are the light to the dark pathway for birds to be attracted to. Vibrant, flashy, soothing, or brilliant sparkling colors attract the bees, the birds to carry out the process of pollination. Pollination is the root to a rebirth of new plants and colors is the carrier to it. Birds won’t be able to find the colorless flowers. No colors mean no new plants.

Other than that an interesting fact on color centric is waiting for your way. In Kerala, the valleys are covered with flowers once in 12 years.
The valley turns green to purple every 12 years when this particular flower Strobilanthes Cynthiana blooms. It is the most fantastic season in years which attracts tourist from over the world in lakhs. Why is this so fascinating? Just because all the flowers bloom once in 12 years? No friends, it is only because the valley turns purple. So here we are with the significance of colors in flowers. Colors are the smiles of nature. They are brighter when minds are open. So friends get colorful with the various colors of flowers because all colors are arbitrary.