17 August, 2022

Sweeten up your celebration with our delicious cakes from Withlovenregards

Cakes are an essential part of every celebration, whether it’s a birthday or Anniversary or joy we celebrate happy moments with cakes. At Withlovenregards we make special cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries and many more occasions.


Birthdays Cakes

Someone having a birthday in office or your room partner or friends from School, College is a good reason for a small celebration. You can order from a wide variety of flavors cakes of your choice from Chocolate cakes, Vanilla cakes, Butterscotch cake, Black forest, you can order for theme cakes and photos on which you can share some of your memories.

Anniversary Cakes


Anniversary is a special day, since two people have been together for years and its a very special day for any couple and there is no celebration is complete without cakes Tower cakes and red velvet cakes are more in demand on anniversaries.


Classic Black Forest Cake


Black forest cake is all time favorite cake for many people, these cake comes in chocolate base and layer of cream with topping of cherries and  shredded chocolate makes it a delicious all time hit cake. 


Chocolate cake 


Chocolate cakes are favourite between all age groups, craving for chocolates are common for all, in a study done by University of New York it is proven that chocolate cakes are beneficial for memories.