6 July, 2022

Things you should know about roses : meaning, symbolism and more

Roses meaning and Symbolism and more….

Love and romance shouldn’t be restricted to one day in a year. Love deserves attention throughout your life, in our day to day life in our busy livelihood, sometimes it’s tough to tell someone how much we care. Surprisingly a bouquet of roses for one you love in-home or at office reignite the magic and spark you have for your love. 

 Here are some fun facts about these romantic flowers you may not have known that will give a better and complete understanding of the rose meaning and its symbolism.



Roses have symbolized love and romance since ancient times. Ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the rose, and it became the symbol of everlasting love. The Victorians attached great sentimentality and meaning to flowers, especially roses. Even today, centuries later, a bouquet of roses will make any woman, or man, blush with love and pride.

If you are planning to send some secret message to your loved one with bouquet of roses, something no one else could understand than start with these roses and their meaning.


The Number counts 

Some cultures believe the number of roses in a bouquet also has a special meaning. For example, one red rose symbolizes love at first sight. A bouquet of six roses represents infatuation and desire. If you want to say “you are mine” select a dozen roses. A bouquet of 15 red roses conveys your message of apology, especially when you can’t find the right words to say it.










A rose can say lot without saying a word and and number count when you send roses.