17 August, 2022

Top 10 Memorable Anniversary Gifting Ideas

Love is something like a bottle of a fine and crisp old bottle of wine, which only gets better and better with time. So, it is always important to cherish and celebrate all the beautiful moments of love with your loved ones to keep the magic alive. The tradition of honouring yearly milestone of marriage or courtship was first started in medieval Germany, whereupon completing 25 years of marriage life, the wife and the husband were a tokens token of love in the form of silver artifacts. From family and friends and neighbours to mark the day of love in their coming years.

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This is the reason behind calling the 25 years of marriage anniversary, “ the silver jubilee celebration.” Unlike old times where only yearly milestones like “ 10th years”, “ 25th years” or 50th years” were celebrated, in modern days anniversary is stared celebrated since after completion of the first year of marriage to make the journey never to be forgettable and also bookmarked all the glorious memories which were passed buy in the past years. Anniversaries are also making a great start to the years to come as well.

And because with each and every anniversary passing by, we tend ran out of ideas like every single year to what to gift to our loved ones to make the day memorable and special for them. Here in the following article, we are discussing ten intricate and innovative anniversary gift ideas for both him and her, which can definitely come in handy while choosing your next anniversary gift for husband or wife.


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Undoubtedly, there is nothing like a good bunch of freshly picked and hand-curated flower bouquet to be gifted to someone, first thing in the morning, on the day of the anniversary. Flowers can express thousands of words and many more emotions without uttering a single one. A perfectly curated bunch of rose or carnations or evergreen lily can be a perfect gift for both him and her. The happiness of the anniversary will definitely be doubled up if the flowers get delivered on the doorstep even at the wee hours of midnight, with the express delivery system of the best online flower delivery Portal in your city.


Watches can be another good option for gifting in the anniversary for both him and her. Watches are considered as one of the traditional anniversary gifts and also known to express the personality of the wearer. A smart and sleek watch can be a perfect present to give to your partner on this anniversary. Other than the daily ware ones, there are several options like vintage watches, silver, gold, and even platinum and diamond watches are also available in the market to mark the special milestone years.


Another popular traditional anniversary gifts for both him and her are perfumes. There is nothing charming and classic and romantic like a bottle of Chanel №5 for or Eau Sauvage by Dior, wrapped and packed beautifully, placed alongside the bed or in front of the dresser, on the day of the anniversary. There is an old saying that perfumes are the extension of one’s personality. And finding the perfect one for each another can lead to a better understanding of each other’s like and dislike and choices.


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A highly intricate and personalized gift to give your better half is a small piece of personalized jewelry. Be it a pendant with their name on it or a small pair of earring studded with her birthstone, or the name of any symbol of the place you two visited together for the very first time, a piece of personalized jewelry can be a symbol of a statement as well as it also depicts the love and cares for each other. There are thousands of online stores these days, which specializes in making personal jewelry, so finding them and gifting them to your loved ones will not be a bigger deal.


The next item on the list is thoroughly dedicated to him. A pair of good and smart cufflinks can elevate any formal looks within seconds. There are thousands of different varieties of cufflinks made of metals and crafted woods and glass, available in the market in wide price range as well. Cufflinks are always considered as a great gift for your husband in anniversaries since ages. If budget is not a big deal and to make the occasion more memorable and special, there are cufflinks made of silver or platinum, studded to Swarovski, and even small diamonds are also available in the market. Old and vintage cufflinks can also be a great classic anniversary gift for him.


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Though not a traditional gift for anniversary, fitness watches can add a nice touch to the entire anniversary gifting as a whole. A comparatively new addition in the gifting list, there are several companies like Apple, Google, and many more are investing in this type of watches. These fitness watches can be a perfect gift for couples who are into strict fitness regimes. It can also motivate people to start a journey toward a fitter future as well.


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Another not so traditional yet great gifting idea for her on this anniversary is the assorted beauty box. The concept of assorted beauty box was surfaced a few years back, and it comprises of several different skincare and make-up items of the buyer’s choice assorted and decorated in hamper baskets or some other types of gifting boxes. As both budget and expensive options are available in the market, assorted beauty boxes can be the perfect gift for any woman, as it gives them a chance to pamper themselves.


Photographs are the best way to keep all the memories alive for long years. So for gifting in anniversaries, an Instax or Polaroid camera can also be a great option. Polaroid cameras are designed in that particular way that prints the photo right after it gets clicked. As memories are all we have to cherish and remember in the years to come, this type of camera can also be the perfect anniversary gift. Click a picture, and your memories will be sealed for a lifetime.



This anniversary, give your husband the chance to pamper themselves with a personalized shaving and grooming kit curated only for him. These personalized kits are consists of several shaving and beard and hair and body grooming products like shaving cream, shaving brush, beard oil, hair oil, beard wax, body shampoo, hair shampoo, razors and so many different products based on the choice and need of the man only. Like the assorted beauty box, these are also available in both expensive and budget-friendly options.


The last but definitely not the least inclusion in our top 10 anniversary gifts is another unconventional and contemporary gift item, which is a coffee brewer. A perfect gift for the coffee lovers, these brewers are known for brewing the perfect cup of coffee to enjoy with your partner every time. A pack of hand-roasted organic coffee can also be a great addition to this gift.

Other than the above-mentioned gifting ideas, there are thousands of different options available in the market. Browse through those and select the perfect gift for your partner this anniversary to make it more memorable and special by all means.