26 January, 2022

Top 7 romantic destinations for couples Abroad.

Exploring the world is both a fantastic and incredibly romantic thing! Flower delivery and online gifts aren’t the only way to make your loved one feel special. Travelling with your loved one can help you rebuild and strengthen your relationship. While birthday flowers or online cake delivery can help your special one feel more special, travel can help bring you both together more efficiently. So, take a break from your busy life and explore the world to become more in love than ever before. Therefore, to help you guys out, here’s a look at some of the most romantic destinations from around the world.

Top 7 romantic destinations for couples Abroad

Isle Of Skye-Scotland

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If you both love the mountains, then head on over to Scotland to enjoy your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The dramatic mountain ranges, magnificent scenery near the coast and misty weather make this a Heaven on Earth. But, it isn’t just the landscape that will take your breath away, because the Scots are extremely friendly and warm. Scotland is, without a doubt, a fantasy-land with scenic beauty that is unmatched. Roam around rural castles and relive the medieval life by heading to Dunvegan Castle. In case you both like trekking, then make sure you follow the trail that leads up to Quiraing to witness a spectacular sunset.

Padar Island-Indonesia

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The perfect romantic getaway for people who love the sea, this location will surely take your breath away the first time you visit! Padar is the best place to go to if you love adventure sports and some thrill-speaking. Another appealing quality of this island is that it features beaches containing white, black and even pink sand. Therefore, you can rest assured that this trip will give you some great, Instagrammable pictures to drive your followers crazy! Hike to the top of the mountains nearby to enjoy an enthralling view of the land lying below. Another great thing is that this island is still relatively new, meaning that it will mostly be less crowded than other destinations on this list. The nearest city to this magical wonderland is Labuan Bajo, and the best time to head to this exotic island is between April and June, and then from September to November.

Neuschwanstein Castle-Germany


Neuschwanstein Castle is where you need to go if you are a fan of royalty and fairy-tales. This gorgeously designed palace is the real-life inspiration for the castle we see in Sleeping Beauty. Therefore, taking your special one here might be the best way to help her relive her princess dreams! This castle will provide your loved one with a romantic break that will stay in their memory forever. The castle looks like it has come right out of a children’s book, and witnessing this miracle clad in snow is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cinque Terre-Italy


Cinque Terre can be considered Europe’s crowning glory when it comes to romantic destinations thanks to its old-age charm. This beautiful city which falls between some lofty mountains and the Mediterranean Sea is every romantic’s dream come true. Walk along the rocky footpaths and relive your best moments with your loved one. Enjoy some Italian wine, and give your special one some birthday flowers to create memories that will surely last a lifetime. This is also a great option if you love trying out new food because this town serves some of the best Continental food out there.



This is a popular honeymoon destination for people from around the world, and rightfully so! Furthermore, this is a culturally diverse place that has elements of art, food, nature and also scenic beauty. The best thing to do here would be to rent a scooter and then take your loved one for a great ride through the city. Gift her some flowers, and walk around the Old City to take in the heritage of the place. Visit all the temples in the surrounding areas to understand more about their culture and revel in traditional Balinese architecture.



Whether it is Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary, whisk your girl away to Bruges to get her to love you more! This fairy-tale town has an old-world charm to it, thanks to its medieval architecture and lovely town squares. This makes it, without a doubt, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The dreamy canals floating through the streams give Bruges the name, “Venice of the North”. Getting lost in this special place might be the best thing you people did!

Big Sur-California

The California Sun can help spice up your love life and strengthen your relationship. This is the perfect romantic getaway if you love beaches and warm weather. This 90-mile highway stretch that connects the Carmel-by-the-Sea and the Hearst Castle is definitely one of the world’s most impressive coastlines. This romantic ride will showcase mountains on one side, and cliffs bridled with beaches on the other.

Make sure you take your loved one to one of these fantastic places to strengthen your relationship and build a beautiful life with them. So, instead of just delivering flowers and ordering cakes online, the next time you want to surprise your loved one, take them away for a vacation they won’t forget. Let us know in the comments, how many of these places you have been to!

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