17 August, 2022

Best Flowers To Match The Enneagram Of Personality…!!

Between different star signs, kinds of love, and Myers-Briggs, there are a lot of ways to find your true self and get an insight into why you feel compelled to make individual decisions! One of the most recent trends in personality testing is the Enneagram of Personality, or simple the Enneagram.

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The Enneagram’s circular model symbolizes points that interjoin nine kinds of personality. From pronouncing their workouts, selecting a soulmate or cheering up, people now use Enneagrams to make important life decisions and justify all they do ever. Although no such test ever should make or break your lifestyle, it may be a fun activity to try new ways to view your day to day decisions. 

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 What is the Enneagram and Where Did It Originate?

The Enneagram is said to help people see themselves more deeply and objectively. It can be of invaluable help on their path to knowing themselves. This was created by the Enneagram Institute in 1997 by the late Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson. The Institute was established to research and develop the model and is known to be one of the strongest and intuitive ways of getting to know ourselves and others. Does it all seem too overwhelming? Find out what personality you possess by the description below:

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  • The Reformer The first type is known as the Reformer. They are people who are disciplined, purposeful and control themselves. Such people are known to be obsessed with perfection. They take great care to ensure that they do not deviate from their ethics and disciplines. They set high standards for themselves, and are continually striving to be successful. Their best flower match is aster. Asters symbolize sagacity and loyalty, which makes them a complimentary flower, matching the level of distinction which Reformers wish to achieve.

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  • The Helper – People who belong to this group are empathetic, sincere and warm-hearted. They are the exact opposite of miserly. They are obliging, and feel great to make others happy. All of their actions are for the wellbeing of others, and they often give up their interests for doing so. The matching flower for helpers is the sunflower. Sunflowers represent adoration and faithfulness. Like the appreciative Helper, these happy blooms represent true love and an altruistic attitude. 

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  • The Gainer – Gainers are confident, attractive and charming. They tend to be ambitious, energetic and have great leadership qualities. They are commonly the lead roles in all situations of life, and they enjoy the attention of all. The matching flower for Gainers is the tulip since it symbolizes beauty and confidence, the qualities possessed by Gainers. 

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  • The Self-Centered – Self-centered people are usually emotionally honest, self-aware and creative. Sometimes they may be unpredictable and delicate but are self-examining as well. Hydrangea is the matching flower for the Self-Centered since this flower is the emblem of emotion and compassion, which is apt for the at times emotional and vulnerable Self-Centered.

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  • The Investigator – Investigators tend to be perceptive, original and taciturn. They may be obsessed with their ideas and thus may seem to be ardent. Peony is the best flower match for the investigators since they represent romance and success. They are highly suitable for the Investigators since both of them symbolize zealots. 

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  • The Loyalist – The Loyalist is charming, accountable, worried, and doubtful. They tend to face problems with self-confidence and may feel unsecured, but they are good at anticipating issues or hurdles. Daisy is the best flower match for them since it symbolizes innocence and purity, which is the emblem of the Loyalist and is also symbolic of over-cautiousness and indecisiveness.

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  • The Enthusiastic – The Enthusiastic are unforced, adaptable and scattered. They are often lively and very playful. The matching flower for the Enthusiastic is orchids since they represent admiration of life and purity. This flower complements the innocence of the Enthusiasts.

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  • The Challenger – The Challengers are strong, commanding and confident. They may also be argumentative at times but are too outspoken and often inspiring. Gladiolus is their best flower match. The gladiolus is the symbol of power and honesty, both two features of the Challengers.

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  • The Peacemaker – The Peacemakers tend to be receptive, compassionate, agreeable, and lenient. They are trustworthy, cooperative, and often go along with others for maintaining peace. Their matching flower is the Lilac. Lilacs symbolize tranquillity, which perfectly matches them with the Peacemakers. 

Now that you know of the Enneagrams, you may be astonished to see which category you belong in, but, whatever type you are, use this exercise to get to know yourself better!