6 October, 2021

Customize your roses in Unique Vase

Famous quote by Gertrude Stein’sRose is a rose is a rose is a rose” it interprets things what they are. When it comes to roses it’s a number 1 gift for Valentine’s – there are so many ways you can make a truly hearted gift with a bouquet of roses and has special meaning with a unique vase.

When you are bursting with romance you soon have a real problem, rose known as a queen of flowers, not all roses symbolize the love, but yes red roses do:

  • Red: love and respect.
  • White: true love, purity, dignity, chastity.
  • Pink: happiness, gratitude, virtue.
  • Orange: longing, appreciation, sympathy.
  • Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity.

Combination of these colours roses has a lot to say, for e.g. : pink and white roses express the wishes to be all together, roses in the bouquet express gratitude and a single rose say you are the person I love.

Taking you girlfriend on a first date on a adventure trip like parachuting or a Hot air Ballon ride  in some mountain definitely a fantastic Ideas, but giving a flowers which also mean lot can’t go wrong.