6 July, 2022

How To Re-Use Your Roses After Valentine’s Day…!!

Nature’s mother gifted us with so many things, but among all of them, flowers are the most beautiful and charming thing we ever have. Flowers are nature’s own fragrance and colours given to us, by the great Almighty. Not only Flowers added aromas and freshness to its surroundings, but they also deliver a whole week of closeness and affectionate, due to their long-lasting attributes and magical power.

The only problem with these beautiful flowers like roses, that when someone received a bouquet of roses on occasion like Valentine’s Day, its very special and close to their heart, so even after the flowers dried up, nobody loves to throw them away, it’s a challenging job. But not anymore! As here are some interesting ideas for you to reuse your Valentine’s bouquet, to tuns into some memorable item. So, stop worrying and order roses online, to gift or receive them without any strain.

Home Made Rose Water

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One of the easiest and convenient way to reuse gifted rose is making rose water from it. To make this, you need two cups of rose petals, then add adequate distilled water to soak them. Start boiling those and keep continuing until they are losing their colour. When it’s done, let the water cool and pressure it into an easy-to-use bottle or a container. Hooray. It’s done, you can use it on many things like use it for skin glowing and moisturizing your skin. Also, you can use rose water for many cooking purposes, such as Biriyanis.

Candied Rose Petals

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These sugared petals are used to decorate desserts for many centuries, as they were popular among the Romans, and equally, they are as popular in today’s era.

What you’ll need:

The dried petals of roses roughly 24 (or more) natural, unsprayed 

1 egg white, beaten finely

1 cup of ultra-fine sugar powder

Make sure you choose the most beautiful, well formed, and vibrant petals if you’re going to use those to decorate cupcakes or alternative desserts that are reasonable. Dry every single petal properly, and then each you need to brush on both sides of the petal with crushed egg white and dipped them into crushed sugar

Place the petals on a rack or net to dry. You need atleast 10 minutes to dry it properly.

Rose flavored Ice-cream

rose flavoured ice cream

For many centuries, people around the Globe are eating roses and its petals for its decent taste. In the event that you enjoyed the candied petals mentioned previously, take to this recipe for rose petal ice cream. 

Its very easy to make an ice-cream by using rose petals and adding rose water. All you need is a handful of rose petals, rose water, fresh cream, milk, crushed sugar, and egg. for detail recipe of this yummy rose petal Ice-cream, You can check on food.com 

Aromatic Rose sachet

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It is one of the easiest craft to make but yet its elegant and memorable. You can easily make this sachet with waste fabric or silk organza bags. To make this first, you need to remove the petals from the roses and then dry them on a towel or a sheet until they are fully dried, and no dampness is there. Now toss those petals in a container with a couple of drops of rose oil or rose water and fill them in a small silk organza bag. You can place this near the washbasin, into the lingerie drawer or cupboard to scent clothes lightly, or retained under a cushion to inspire sweet dreams.

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These are a few among a bunch of other DIY’s when you receive flower delivery at your doorstep that you can try this year. And there are a whole good deal of things which could enable you to keep employing a flower bouquet that is talented, in the long run. In the exact same fashion as it was gifted to you, but in the form of scented and floral candles, homemade perfumes oils, detox rose potpourri water, and other such vivacious and things. More about flowers and their uses in our upcoming sites.