11 January, 2022

Mumbai a Mayanagri – City of Dreams with many promises.

Mumbai, better known as Mayanagri or the ‘City of Dreams’, is one of India’s most happening cities. It is a beacon of home for the billion-strong Indians and is even famous outside India. It also beautifully merges the old with the new and has several modern-day features and services. The town is renowned for its stunning buildings, sandy beaches, and historical significance.

Mumbai is also one of the wealthiest cities in the country, employing more people than any other. There are various industries in Mumbai, with an important one being online flower delivery. Mumbai has a very successful online florist business, allowing people to send flowers to their loved ones. This inclusion of new-age technology with old-school traditions is what makes Mumbai so unique. Here’s a look at how this City of Dreams has won hearts all over the world.

Financial Capital

More than being the wealthiest Indian city, Mumbai is also a globally recognized financial Superpower. The municipality employs millions of Indians, across various sectors and industries. One exciting thing about Mumbai is that it employs everyone, from street vendors to large MNC owners. Mumbai is home to institutions such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), RBI, TATA Group and the Reliance Industries. At the same time, Mumbai also houses millions of migrants.

Furthermore, it serves as an entrepreneurial hub powering many dreams. Several innovative business ideas are floating around in Mumbai as the city gives people the power to dream. For instance, the online flower delivery in Mumbai is a huge hit, with several online florists having found phenomenal success.

Migrant Influx

Being the commercial capital of India, Mumbai appeals to people from all over India. Those who are looking for a job head here as it is quite easy to reach. Therefore, migrants from all over the country come to Mumbai, looking for a brighter and more secure future. This has earned Mumbai the name, City of Dreams. Mumbai rewards anyone willing to work, with so many rags-to-riches stories from all around the city. Startups, including cake delivery services and gift delivery portals, have sprung up all over the city. These ideas grew due to public support and then turned into companies worth millions over time.

Bollywood Magic

Bollywood is India’s largest film fraternity by a long shot. Furthermore, it is one of the world’s largest film-related industries. Therefore, it is quite easy to say that Mumbai is the film capital of India. Everything with regards to film-making and production occurs in this great city. Most Bollywood productions come to Mumbai at some point in time. This is because most significant stars live inside the city. Most top studios are also located here thanks to its old-age charm and electric appeal.

Architecture and Heritage

If all of this wasn’t enough, Mumbai also houses the most aesthetically pleasing structures in India. This includes the stunning Bandra-Worli Sea Link which extends into the sea. There also stands the spiritually envigorating Haji Ali Dargah which attracts millions every year. Adding to this list is the magnificent Queen’s necklace. Almost everyone in Mumbai has strolled down the Queen’s Necklace. These walks usually happen arm in arm with their loved one. The Victorian-era architecture of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is also exceptional. This beautiful train station has attracted millions of visitors for over a century. The legendary Jehangir Art Gallery which helped with India’s modern art movement is also situated here. The city is also a symbol of hope, having bounced back from violent terrorist attacks.

Mumbai also holds a lot of artefacts from the past, with the Kanheri and Elephanta Caves being significant historical places. Therefore, it is clear that the city was a vital hub, even in the days of the past. Mumbai also houses India’s first five-star hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace. It was also the first place in India to have a movie screening.

Therefore, Mumbai has the recognition of being the first in India to do several things, from having the first passenger train to India’s first airport.

Thus, throughout history, Mumbai has remained a symbol of hope and supporter of dreams, helping millions of people find their voice and destiny.

Whether it is in helping small startups flourish into large successful companies, or helping a little kid becomes an overnight sensation, Mumbai is unique. It holds you close when you are down and lets you fly if you have a set of wings. Make sure you visit this gem of a city the next chance you get. Get your special one here, and share a Vada Pav as you walk along with the Queen’s necklace. In case you live in this beautiful city, help encourage your loved one’s dreams by using some of the online flower delivery services. May these red roses remind him or her that every dream can bloom in the City of Dreams?