17 August, 2022

Ways to stay connected with your best friends in this Pandemic

During this Pandemic, we have missed a lot of things. Hanging with friends, casual shopping, doing dinner together, hanging in cafes, and many more, but feeling and bonding is still the same with the friends and has missed out the most with the best friend.

Want to give your best friend a surprise or show him/her some love and affection from afar? There are plenty of little gifts you can send to your friend’s doorstep by practicing social distancing and staying connected.


Send a few groceries items for your Bestie at his/her doorstep with a mix of a few favorite items on the list and send a special surprise.

Favourite cakes and bakery item from a local baker

Local bakeries are still open, and during this Pandemic, they are doing home deliveries with all social distancing protocols; perhaps send your bestie favourite bake item at his/her doorstep with the help of the local baker and bring the joy to the local business and as well to your Bestie.

Shop their Wishlist

It is hard to say when life will return to normal, but we know that things will bring to normal and everything will be normal. As you know your bestie behavior and what he/she likes the most in shopping, as you know him/her shopping behaviour, send the best item he/she used to virtual shopping and surprise them.

A bouquet of flowers

Lilies Arrangement

We have something which can surprise perfectly on the doorstep: a gorgeous floral arrangement. You can choose hundred of different flowers from the online florist website or call your local florist to create a unique arrangement using the freshest flowers available. You ask for same-day delivery!


Don’t let the social distancing between you and your best friend keep you celebrating your friendship.