DAD a word so small yet so comforting. DAD a word who is a reminder of a person who have the guts to be strict and yet be cool. DAD a reminder of that person who never gave up on you when you fell of bicycle for the first time or let him down. DAD a person who nags you with questions like 'Aage kya socha hai'. DAD the guy who was making faces in the background when mom was scolding. DAD that cool guy who lets you have junk food when mom aint around. DAD a shortcut to all the problems you ever had.

DAD a wise suggestion to all the mess you created. DAD a hideout when you broke your mom's favorite kitchen ware and then DAD whom you are reluctant to say I LOVE YOU because its too awkward. DAD the superhero of all the real life drama and yet somehow he the guy still doesn't get a I LOVE YOU because "SORRY DAD I WAS BUZY, I WILL CALL YOU LATER" This fathers day remove barriers and excuses with us.